Automation is the future and to realise the potential; it is essential to understand it closely! Marketing automation can turn marketing teams into a reckoned one, allowing start-ups and growing businesses to compete with larger enterprises for customer attention.
As you explore the marketing automation services options, you need to understand the benefits it can bring in to your business.

Huge time saver
Marketing Automation boosts your reply rate by 250% approximately by automating outreach efforts and follow-ups. Automating the ads and social posts can save more than six hours every week. Organizing meetings or client appointments through automated tools, save 80% of your time.

Adds value to CRM
Marketing automation software and CRM software gets even more out of your marketing efforts. CRM software focuses on sales and contact, while marketing automation software focuses only on marketing. When combined, marketing automation software and CRM build immense value for a business. The benefits of viewing sales and marketing activities make your outreach efforts a cakewalk.

Increased campaign efficiency and Smarter re-engagement
Marketing automation works well to drive engagement. Thus, it is useful to observe how marketing automation can re-engage customers and keep them enticed and engaged.

Smart segmentation and segregating your list to use as an amalgamation of demographics and behaviour are a part of techniques that can be used. The other technique is to use automated triggers. Such campaigns have much more value than generic emails and make a lot of sense. Marketing automation software can help you monitor the clicked links when your emails are sent to determine the future course of emails.

Follow up with leads.
Harvard Business Review’s study suggests that potential customers are seven times likely to purchase from you if you respond within an hour of their enquiry. Incorporating a system to respond to leads within an hour of contact is an excellent marketing automation investment.

With marketing automation software; you can sit at ease, knowing that your audience on the internet is receiving the same and consistent experience depending on actions. You don’t need to think of manually sending subscribers an email with the news article. This also helps to maintain consistency on social media. An inconsistently updated social media account may give out signs of a poorly managed customer communication, or worse, it does not prioritise the followers.

The results of market automation should be noticeable in less than 30 days after implementation. With the process, the C-Suite needs to be ready to handle the change management related problems rapidly and empower employees to handle repetitive marketing tasks and think strategically.

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Avinash Mittal is a digital marketing professional with over 4+ years of experience. Presently, he is vigorously rendering and polishing off his versatile skills in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Ads, Content Scrapping and content marketing.