Now that we have become totally dependent on electrical appliances to survive a fast moving lifestyle, it’s really hard when any of these electrical devices start failing. If you have an electric range and it too has been giving signs of wear, stop panicking. Instead just head straight towards the oven and unplug it from the power source. 

Since you are not a technician, its commonplace for you to wonder what may have led the oven to stop working.  Here are causes which could have possibly affected the oven. Take a look: 

Burnt wires 

A lot of times, ovens stop functioning when wires supplying power to the machine get burnt. Such issues are likely to arise when the appliance gets over heated. Burnt wires lead to visible damage and the only way to solve the issue is to replace the old connection with new. 

Power source

While you may have invested a significant amount of money on the electric range, what you have failed to realise is that there is a potential problem with the power source. Modern electrical amenities especially an electric range functions on 240volts which separately supplies two individual legs of 120 volts each. In either case, if a leg becomes non functional, the power will not flow. This is likely to happen if a leg shuts down due to blown fuse or tripped breaker.  Get yourself a multimeter to evaluate the power supply. Sometimes when there is not enough supply of power the system will stop working. Set the multimeter to AC volts. Ideally it will read between 210 or 240 volts, and if it still hasn’t shown anything its time you look into the fuse box and search for a tripped fuse. Reset the fuse and once again switch on the oven. 

Defect with the thermostat sensor

One of the basic problems Oven Repairs Brisbane professionals deal with is a defective thermostat. The oven usually features a thermostat alongside a control board which remains in sync with a sensor. The sensor is designed to keep an eye on temperature inside the oven. As the oven achieves an optimal temperature, the control board will instantly shut down the supply. Don’t worry! It’s a common feature of an electric appliance engineered to constantly keep tab on the internal temperature so that the cooking process takes place smoothly and without hassle.  

Sometimes however the oven won’t turn on because of a defective or non-functional sensor or thermostat. For such reasons you may require professional Oven Repairs Ipswich. You can however check on the multimeter to monitor the resistance ability of the sensor. 

Another, common problem users face, when trying to operate an electric range is a faulty control board. Sometimes the hitch may not be with the sensor alone. A control board is at times accountable for a defective oven. You can watch out for signs of shorts in the control board. 

Wait a minute! If you still think that there is some other major issue with the appliance just call up a professional to address your needs. 

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a business dealing with Oven Repairs Brisbane. After serving the industry for quite a long time, the author intends to share knowledge about different types of appliances and their uses.