With an excellent scope for higher studies and employment, being a doctor is one of the most preferred career fields, parents want their children to choose. Considered as one of the highest paying jobs, a doctor’s job involves a lot of stress as well. Long working hours during the study period and even during practice are a common occurrence in this profession.

The general work flow for a doctor includes proper diagnosis of the patients, taking required tests, prescribing medicines, performing small to medium size surgeries and working towards the well-being of patients. Doctors’ co-ordinate and work with patients towards maintaining general health practices. Medical assistants and nurses help the doctors during surgeries and general healthcare practices.

Education Based Needs

Often termed as a ticket to a better life, a doctor’s career has some of the toughest competition to deal with. Apart from the professional aspects, even the admission prospects have many entrance tests associated with them.

There are 2 routes to become a doctor. One, wherein you combine undergraduate and medical studies which costs you around 6 to 7 years, while the other route is open for students who have passed bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology or other sciences. Both ways, internships form the culmination of educational courses. Doctors are required to take the licensing exams towards board certifications.


The doctor’s profession has one of the best employment outlooks with hospitals, research centers, public sector health care departments etc. There are many doctors who move into the teaching field, and even practice in the connected hospitals (most medical colleges accommodate hospitals). Many doctors open clinics for private practice.

Salary Prospects

With the health sector booming like anything, the doctor’s profession is amongst the few ones which offers a median salary of more than 280000 $ per year. This field is considered a recession proof profession as well.

A doctor’s life requires studying and being updated with the latest trends in their fields. Doctors can move to different career choices with respective specializations. Common specializations include cardiovascular studies, neurovascular studies, general medicine, pathology etc.

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If your career choices lead you towards a doctor's job, then there are a whole lot of opportunities waiting for you. This is one career field, for which there are thousands of websites providing hundreds of pieces of information related to career prospects and educational expertise.