It is such a tragedy that the one thing that identifies us as masculine genetically and physically is not functioning as well as it is supposed to or is completely damaged. It becomes really frustrating that your one and only pass to having sexual intercourse, one of the most beautiful benefits of being human is taken away from you. I mean what’s a man without his tool?

Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as male impotency is a medical condition where a male experiences difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection during or before sexual intercourse i.e. the inability of the arteries to increase blood flow into the penis. Impotency is a major issue in so many relationships because it implies that there won’t be penetrative or enjoyable sex, ejaculation and even worse no procreation for those looking for kids.

Erectile dysfunction is common among men over the age of 40 coupled with other medical conditions that aged people face. So many researches have shown that men over the age of 40 have erection problems and it gets worse as they get older if not properly contained and treated earlier. The inability to have an erection leads to lack of confidence, worries, depression and frustration.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

It is impossible not to notice that getting an erection becomes difficult and you don’t need a doctor to tell you. Erectile dysfunction includes;

  • Weak erections
  • Erections that don’t last for a long while
  • Erections that die at the middle of sexual intercourse
  • Little or no sexual drive

Why am I experiencing erectile dysfunction?

Genetics are not the reason why you have penile issues, although it has its own part to play. Genetics are not the primary cause of erectile dysfunction but other causes of erectile dysfunction are hereditary, making genetics a secondary cause of erectile dysfunction. There are so many reasons why getting or sustaining an erection becomes difficult or completely impossible. These reasons take shelter under two main causes, the physical and psychological cause.

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are so many physical reasons why you cannot have an erection, and the great thing about physical causes is that they are easily diagnosed, noticed and corrected. Here are some of the common physical causes of male impotency:

  1.    Heart diseases: it is important to know the mechanism of an erection. The easy explanation is knowing that blood rushes to the penis when sexually aroused. The heart pumps blood round the whole body from head to toe to penis and when there is a problem with the heart, blood flow becomes difficult which also affects blood flow into the penis.
  2.    Obesity: being overweight isn’t exactly the main cause for erectile dysfunction but being overweight carries other medical conditions ranging from high blood pressure to high cholesterol level that can lead to penile failure.
  3.    Parkinson’s disease: this disease affects the central nervous system which lead to the abnormal function of the muscles causing stiffness, lack of balance, difficulties in moving and decrease in dopamine level. The decrease in dopamine which causes impairment of the brain’s performance making erection difficult as getting an erection is also mental.
  4.    Pelvic injuries: this as close as you can get to having an injured penis. A fractured or injured pelvis can lead to urinal and erectile dysfunction
  5.    Excess smoking, drinking and hard drugs intake: the intake of all these can lead to a serious damage of the body system due to the level of toxicity these substances have leading to reduced blood flow.

Psychological Causes

Getting an erection is just as mental as playing scrabble, taking a test or building a house, if the mind is not involved, the body would never be.

  1.    Anxiety: this is most times common among first timers, the pressure they feel on how to satisfy their partner, if they are going to get it right or lasting long is enough to disrupt erection and performance.
  2.    Stress: most times the stress from work, home or school can make having sex the least of your problems, making the thoughts of sexual intercourse a liability. The stress you feel makes your urges for sex dormant and more focused on the things that will help ease the stress. Stressing out leads to penile impairment and this leads to more stress.
  3.    Depression: this is the worst kind of mental problem that shuts down the whole body system ranging from the strength to get up from bed to strength to eat and the strength to be sexually active or even get an erection.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured?

Erectile dysfunction can be prevented and cured as long as the cause can be identified. Here are a few ways to prevent and cure erectile dysfunction:

  1.    Talk to an Expert: opening up to an expert is the first remedy to an impaired penis, let the doctor examine and find the main reason(s) for your condition. By an expert, I mean a qualified doctor. This doctor would make necessary examinations, give you the best advice for your case and let you know the next few steps to take.
  2.    Healthy living: quit smoking, drinking or hard drugs, they are poisonous to the blood stream and one of the common reasons for penile impairment among young adults. Eat fruits, drink enough water, get enough sleep and breathe, all these helps to boost testosterone level and blood flow to the penis.
  3.    Exercises: exercising is one of the best ways to live healthy. Jogging every morning, stretching help improve blood circulation. Kegel exercises are perfect for erectile dysfunction as it focuses on the glutes and pelvic region, helping to strengthen the penile muscles and improving blood circulation around the penis.
  4.    Seeing a Psychologist: be fully aware that erectile dysfunction isn’t just physical. Going for therapy, talking to your therapist can help you solve most of the mental issues tied around your inability to sustain an erection. The more you open up the faster your healing process. Give your therapist the opportunity to ease your frustration or depression.
  5.    Try Yoga: yoga is an extension of exercising. Stretching, long breaths, meditation, peace and quiet might just be all you need to ease your stress and prepare your body for an erection.
  6.    Proper medications: taking the right medications helps to boost penile function, they are antidotes to erectile dysfunction. Several medications are available and effective for this medical condition and are of two categories: 

    Vasodilators: this is mainly vascular dilation as the name implies. These medications help widen the blood vessels i.e. opening the arteries and veins to allow for easier and smoother blood flow around the body, especially the penis in this case examples are; Viagra, Sular, Cialis, Levitra and so on 

    Hormones: these medications help in putting the body system in order, making them highly functional and effective also boosting testosterone level.

  1.    Vascular reconstructive surgery: this is surgical procedure of replacing damaged blood vessels i.e. arteries to allow for an easier and faster blood flow through the body and more importantly, the penis for better erection. Replacement vessels are usually gotten from other parts of the body and is a certified method for treating erectile dysfunction especially among young men.
  2.    Vacuum therapy: this is the use of vacuum constriction devices (a pump) consisting of a ring, plastic cylinder and a pump to create a vacuum for making a penis erect and sustaining the erection. The pump is placed on the base of the penis and the pump help suck out all the air in the cylinder, the created vacuum helps draw blood into the penis.
  3.    Penile Implants: this process is used as an alternative to vascular reconstructive surgery and it is done by placing an elastic device in the penis and the pump is placed in the scrotum sac. To get an erection, the pump is squeezed. This treatment keeps the penis half erect always.

Erectile dysfunction is experienced by all males at one point of their lives but needs serious medical and psychological attention when it keeps happening over a long period of time. Male impotency is completely curable and that should take more than half of your penile issues away and help you build your self-esteem and feel like a man again.

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