Ayurveda is the new buzzword to treat a wide range of ailments found in human being. Despite being 2000 year old, it has proved effective against many ailments including even for the diabetes treatment. The outcome of various treatment options available in this ancient science has attracted many even from the west to take resort on Ayurveda. This stands true for the treatment of diabetes as well. As per an estimate, around 40 percent of the worlds popular suffer from this ailment by 2020. A majority of people suffering from this ailment rely on taking up a pill to get the cure, while Ayurveda remains the best treatment for diabetes. It helps in maintaining the sugar level precisely thus keeping away the people from the danger zones due to the sudden fluctuation of sugar level in the human body.

The Ayurveda Approach for diabetes treatment

Ayurveda has three-dimensional approach when it comes to controlling the blood sugar and keeping it right. Firstly, it recommends several dietary changes that restrict the patients to rely only on the low carbohydrate diet. This does not mean that you keep away from the carb foods altogether but rely more on the complex carbohydrates based food like whole wheat bread, multigrain breads and oats and so on.

The second step that you need to do is to start daily exercise, which includes brisk walking and Yoga, which helps in restoring sedentary lifestyle. The muscle cells carry too many insulin receptors that will activate with certain exercises. This also helps in reducing the insulin resistance in your body. This will also help in keeping away the conditions like obesity.

The third step for the ayurvedic treatment for diabetes is certain Ayurvedic medicines that are recommended for this ailment. It helps in keeping the blood sugar level controlled in safer zones, which works in a natural fashion.

The blends of these steps are more than enough for anyone suffering from the ailment to get the desired relief in a long run. Relying on the Ayurveda model of treatment, many have benefitted the most to check the overall wellbeing of the body. Here the idea is not just to control the blood sugar level but at the same time target the other contributing factors that can inflate diabetes. Like for example, obesity is the condition that can inflate the blood sugar and can have other implications. This condition hampers the ability to use insulin in a right order. This is known as 'Stroto-avarodh' in Ayurveda.

The Herb Factor

Once the diet and lifestyle (ahar and vihara) are planned and the patient consumes the medicines recommended by the Ayurveda doctor, you find the herbs entering into the human body. There are many herbs that can be used to control the sugar level, however, these are recommended as per the Type 1 and Type 2 conditions. Some of these herbs that remain the best treatment for diabetes include Karela (bitter melon) and Gurmaar. The former has the chemical, which has insulin-like impact on the body, while the latter has dual effect for the diabetes control. Also, Jamun is recommended that helps in reducing the blood sugar level by 30 per cent.


The ayurvedic treatment for diabetes remains effective when compared to other treatment options. It helps slashing down the blood glucose levels and at the same time allows in strengthening the immune system. In this way, it prevents from different organs to get damaged due to diabetes.

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Dr Nitesh Khonde is an expert in Traditional and modern Ayurveda. he gives treatment in many areas like pain relief therapies for paralysis, slip disc, knee pain, arthritis, back pain, cancer, skin diseases, dental problems, gynecological health disorders, and many more to place the mind, body, and soul in perfect synchronization with nature.