Everything is cause and effect. What you do comes back to you. If you are loving, giving, forgiving and kind, then that comes back to you as people doing that for you. If you care about the poor and wish you could help them get back on their feet, then if you are ever poor, there will be those who care about you and who will want to help you get back on your feet. If you were sadistic, cruel, critical, and hurt people emotionally and physically, then that will come back upon you as people doing that to you.

Sometimes, you may not experience the exact same thing that you did to someone else, but you will experience the emotional and physical pain that you inflicted upon others, without necessarily experiencing the exact same experience you inflicted upon others. Or, you may experience inner joy and inner peace and feel filled up with love, as a result of having given love and joy to others through something you did for them, without your experiencing anything particular in your outer world that you could say brought you these feelings of love, joy and peace.

The more you radiate love and nonjudgment and caring towards others, the better you feel inside of yourself. The feelings you pour out to others, you also feel inside of yourself, otherwise you couldn’t be giving them out to others.

On the other hand, the more you feel anger, hate and desire to cause pain to others, the more you feel empty, sad, depressed and angry inside of yourself.

Cause and effect isn’t just about this current life. It goes into past lives. Reincarnation is a fact, it is real, and you experience the effects of past lives even if you don’t believe we have ever had any past lives. You may be experiencing guilt and sadness from something you did to someone else in a past life, yet if you don’t believe in or remember past lives, you won’t know the real cause of those feelings. But we tend to recreate that same past life experience in our current life because it was never fully resolved. We may create the samje exact souls and situations in our current life as we experience in the past life, as our attempt to do it differently this time, make it up to them, learn something more from it. You can still grow from this even if you don’t believe in or remember any past lifetimes, but your disbelief makes it harder to grow through it because without the memories of the past life experience, you don’t fully understand the current experience.

Cause and effect also has to do with our desires and interests and the types of people we want to be with and the types of careers we want to have. What we desire creates in our life the people, experiences and resources that draw what we desire to us. But what can be confusing is how long it takes to manifest our ultimate desires; plus, there are cases where what we desire is not the best thing for us or for others in our world, and so if we get that, we find out it wasn’t the best thing for us and we release it and go into new better wiser desires.

The timing of cause and effect needs to be understood. Let’s say ever since you were very young you wanted to become a psychologist. But let’s say you needed a lot of healing yourself and so even with book learning, you would not have been a very effective psychologist. Maybe deep down inside of yourself you knew that. So, you chose another career, even though you never really let go of your desire to become a psychologist. Let’s say you went through a lot of spiritual and psychological growth over many many years, until you reached a point where you were healed yourself and had plenty of life experience expertise to be able to help others spiritually and psychologically. But this was the real, practical world, and you needed degrees to be able to be a psychologist. Let’s say you were now 60 years old. You still felt that desire to become a psychologist, and you knew you’d be a good one, so you decided to go back to school and get those degrees. So, cause and effect and your desires would eventually make you into a great psychologist, but it took you years of growth and education to become what you had desired to become way back when you were a teenager. So, my point is that cause and effect isn’t instant, and its timing varies greatly depending on the person and the situations of life.

Let’s say there is a very evil person on earth who has hurt many people severely, both psychologically and physically, but they, themselves, although depressed and empty, have not experienced being physically and emotionally severely abused and hurt the way they hurt others. Why is this, if cause and effect is real? It’s just a timing thing. They may live on this earth for many years, then die, and then on the other side go into Hell and be forever suffering emotionally and physically from what they did to others on this earth. It isn’t about God punishing them, it’s about everything is cause and effect. What you put out comes back upon you, eventually.

If you steal from others, others will eventually steal from you. If you stole someone’s lunch one day, then one day you won’t have money for lunch or someone will steal your lunch.

If you were a landlord who had no compassion on someone’s pain and suffering and sudden poverty, and you threw that person out on the street in the dead of winter snows, then some day someone will do that to you, unless in the meantime you learn that you did the wrong thing.

So, that’s something that can alter cause and effect. If you realize that you did the wrong thing and are sorry and you tell God and maybe the person you hurt if they are still in your life that you are sorry, and you ask God for forgiveness, then that nullifies the cause and effect and you won’t have to suffer through what you caused someone else to suffer through.

Sometimes, though, we go through suffering and trouble to learn certain things that have nothing to do with cause and effect. Let’s say you have a strong desire to become a social worker to help the poor. It’s just a desire that God has given you because you have talent in that area and it’s your life mission to do this for God and for poor people. So, since you don’t have a deep enough understanding of how poor people become poor and how they feel and how they can handle their challenges and still come up out of it, you may have to go through a lot of poverty yourself, and go through a lot of emotional ups and downs, and lessons around money and how to be a good steward over money. Book learning and degrees are often not enough to enable you to fully understand poverty, spirituality and psychology. A lot is required of you to be a really effective social worker. You have to have nonjudgment, empathy, spirituality, and a deep understanding of the causes and cures of poverty. You have to know what it feels like to be poor, or homeless, or living in a shelter. You have to know what it’s like when people don’t understand you and judge you for not being able to get a job. But once you have gone through enough of these life experiences and lessons, you are then qualified to help others up out of poverty with what you learned when you were poor, and you are now a prime example of how a person can fall so hard and yet come back up and be prosperous and have a career you enjoy and be able to help others with what you learned from poverty.

So, in that case, cause and effect still operates, but in a different way. In that case, what you learned from going through poverty has the effect of your being able to help others with the same problem. The cause of your poverty was your desire to learn more about poverty by experiencing it yourself. The effect of that poverty experience was you could better help others to get up out of poverty. People with a deep spiritual mission, such as helping the poor, helping durg addicts, helping prisoners and criminals, often, as souls, choose to go through the same things themselves, learn from it, get up out of it, and then help others with it. They needed to heal it inside of themselves, as souls on that growth path, but God knew they would eventually heal it in themselves and then help others with it.

So, in those case scenarious, we cannot just assume that those people are poor, or drug addicts, or criminals, because they hurt someone in this or in a past life. Maybe they just hurt themselves with their false beliefs and were misled by the Devil into bad ways that hurt them and other people, and then they realized they had made a big mistake and turned it all around. Many alcoholics are sweet, kind, sensitive people, but they drink because they don’t have proper coping skills when trouble hits, they don’t know how to handle their emotions, so they turn to alcohol to numb their emotional pain.

Other people hurt us and abused us, this is true. It probably started with abusive, cruel parents. So, how is it that we did something wrong? We just happened to end up with cruel and abusive parents. Where is the cause and effect in these cases? It goes into pre-birth, what we go through and choose on the other side, and it goes into past lives. We choose our parents, or we end up with certain types of parents, due to cause and effect from past lives and how we choose and believe while we are on the other side. We may have chosen those parents because we lacked proper discernment, we were blinded to their real true nature. Many people seem nice and like they’d make good parents, but they are just putting up a nice façade and pretending to be nice, and they really are very cruel, but the soul doesn’t find that out until they end up with those parents. That’s one reason why you might end up with bad parents. And usually, that’s a big lifelong lesson for you, a lesson in discernment and developing the ability to see through people’s nice facades and see their real true evil character.

Another reason you might have ended up with bad parents is that you did something awful to them in a past life, and now it is coming back upon you through their doing that to you in this life. How can you ever change your ways as a soul unless you experience what it’s like to be a victim of what you did to them? Experiencing the pain and suffering develops empathy within you so that you never want to inflict that on another soul again. However, there are some souls who cannot and will not grow in this way, who just want to stay in evil ways, and those are the souls who will end up suffering in Hell until they beg God to heal them and free them, until they repent. This seems cruel and sad, but it is just cause and effect. Everything you do and are comes back upon you. It is just how the universe works. It can be proven within the science of quantum physics. Everything is energy and energy creates energies. Give out bad energy, and you experience bad energy. Give out love and peace, and you experience love and peace.

But here is another instance where it’s confusing. Let’s say you have given out love, peace, helpfulness, kindness, and nonjudgment to people all of your life, yet you are not experiencing good events in your life and you are sad. Why would this be? Well, it may be that you have showered love on people who were just using you, pretending to be needy and nice just to get your free help, or maybe they were typical victims whom you helped and helped and loved and yet they never stopped having problems because they didn’t want to stop having problems or couldn’t see that they themselves were the cause of their problems, and so you don’t feel happy because those you tried to help didn’t change, and many of them actually turned on you, didn’t see how you helped them and loved them unconditionally, and they did something to you that really hurt you and caused you problems. Then let’s say you feel hurt by them, you blame them for hurting you, and you are sad because all that you gave didn’t come back to you. What happens is that when you give to those who don’t deserve it, when you get codependently involved with people who cannot see or fully accept your love and kindness, then the cause and effect doesn’t work in the usual ways and you are hurt by your giving rather than blessed by it. It’s like casting pearls to swine. They are not at a level of growth where they can understand, receive and be blessed by what you are giving to them, whether it be wisdom, love, or kind gifts. You needed to be able to recognize this would happen in the first place and not to have gotten involved with them. When you get involved with those who hurt you or cannot receive your gifts in a good way, then you are hurt by your bad choices of friends and those whom you tried to help. Cause is choosing the wrong people to help and be with. Effect is you are hurt by your unwise choices of people to help and befriend.

Cause and effect also involves our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Beliefs create thoughts, which create feelings, which create decisions and actions and desires. In order to have true happiness and joy in life, in order to have what we want to have in life, we must have true beliefs instead of false beliefs, and we must think along the lines of truth, which creates feelings of peace, love and joy, which creates good wise choices and good life experiences. This may sound easy to do, but we all have struggled intensely with this. This is because the false beliefs of this world, our society, our parents, our friends, our systems such as schools, governments and the like, have created in us untrue thinking patterns based on fear, guilt and judgments, which has created bad feelings, which in turn has caused us to make unwise choices, which has created problematic life experiences, which has in turn fed us more bad feelings and thoughts and false beliefs, and we are all caught in this vicious circle.

How to overcome this? /Find out what the real truth is, about everything, and then this heals the bad thinking patterns, the bad feelings, and prevents the bad life experiences. This, too, sounds like it would be an easy task, but it is not easy at all. We are surrounded constantly with false beliefs, we have been brainwashed into false beliefs.

Seek the truth, and ye shall find the truth. But it may take many many years to find out the whole truth and for your eyes to fully open up to what is really true and what is really happening and what happened to you and your life.

To find the truth, you first need to have a strong desire to find it, and to be open to it even if it shocks, traumatizes and hurts you initially. God can help you get over the shock of the truth, just ask Him to help you with your emotions.

There are people in this world who have found the truth. Most have found some of the truth, but not all of the truth. Still, they can help you to see certain truths. Ask God to help you to find the real truth, and He will then send you people and information to help you know the truth. The Bible contains many important truths, but many have sorely misinterpreted the Bible, so ask God to bring you people who are correctly interpreted the Bible. If you have lots of questions and concerns about the Bible and the Christian religion, ask God to send someone to you who can correctly answer your questions and concerns and bring you truth and peace with it.

You will find some of the truth in psychology studies, anthropology studies, and sociology and social work studies. You will also find truth in various books, seminars, and people you meet in life. God will also feed you truth directly into your mind and you will experience insights, aha feelings, a knowingness about truth. God will speak truth to you through various forms of entertainment, at times, such as insightful movies, stories, songs, TV shows, etc. You might meet a stranger who shows you some sort of truth when he tells you about his life and things he’s learned through his experiences.

Life experience can be the greatest teacher of truth. Through trial and error, we learn and grow. We learn from our bad choices and false beliefs not to believe in that and do that ever again.

So, learning the truth heals our false beliefs, creates right thoughts, which creates good feelings, which creates good choices, which creates good life experiences, and so bad cause and effect turns into good cause and effect and we are turning lemons into lemonade. This will be a lifelong process and cannot be done overnight. Anyone who tells you that their seminar or process or belief system will heal you and your life overnight or in one weekend or by the end of reading their book is telling you an untruth and avoid them like the plague.

Life is learning and growth. Life is causes and effects. Cause and effect is what teaches us and grows us beyond our false beliefs which we were taught by our society.

Author's Bio: 

Zarla Leah is a ministerial counselor, life coach and mentor to those struggling with poverty issues. She works for a social services organization that helps the poor and homeless. She is a Christian who believes in reincarnation and quantum physics/metaphysical realities. Writing personal growth/spirituality articles is one aspect of her overall ministry.