Anything with an electronic component from computers to gadgets, toys and more, has PCBs or printed circuit boards in them. All industries make use of them, from medical to the military, toy makers to educators, car makers to NASA. Electronic devices are a huge part of our lives now, it is only when we are hit by a power outage that we realize just how much we rely on it, our phones, the devices we now read on, TVs, laptops, and more. Some boards are about entertainment, some about communication, they have become more than a convenience, they are part of life. With electronics, other areas and industries are able to make huge strides in advancement.

When any company or person needs a circuit board designed, they go to a PCB design company. So let's take a closer look at what exactly a PCB is. To describe it in plain terms, a PCB is a substrate sheet that is non conducting on which there have been etched or printed copper tracks. Those tracks lead to different nodes and have different junctions and different electronics need differently designed boards. Its purpose is essentially to connect the different electronic components via those pathways on the board. The components are also physically supported by the board.

The two basic types of PCBs

There are primarily two types of PCB, one is the older version a through-hole PCB, and then the more modern type known as a surface mounted device board or SMD PCB.

Through-hole printed circuit boards – Small holes are punched through on the nodes where the component goes across the PCB. On the opposite side, they are soldered. This older method of circuit board design is for low-cost applications in older technology. The boards are also good at giving large components like capacitors that are high rating and transformers, some support.

Onboard SMD printed circuit boards – do not have holes punched through but instead have conducting beds that are very small with SMD components soldered into place with specific equipment a PCB design company has. Both sides have components in this option, miniaturized circuits are possible because the SMD components are so small and the boards are stronger mechanically.

Making sure the boards are high quality

It is very important to use high-quality PCBs that are precise and finished well. It takes skill and experience so finding a company to do it takes time, thought, research and care. Once you find a company you trust, you need to give as much detail as you can about what you are expecting and need. With very specific details they can then design something you are happy with. Both small and larger companies use a PCB design company for this kind of work, not everyone is able to handle this part of the process. Trust in the professionals and you can get quality work at a price that is fair and affordable.

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