In spite of its sensitivity, the penis is a fairly resilient instrument. It has to be, given the rough treatment it is subjected to on a regular basis. However, like the rest of the body, the manhood is not invulnerable, and it can develop overuse injuries and other issues that lead to pain.

Most of these issues, such as chafing, dryness and irritation, affect only the outer layers of skin and are fairly routine. On the other hand, when erectile pain occurs, medical attention is warranted, as underlying health problems may be at stake that require specialized penis care. The most common causes of painful erections are outlined here for informative purposes; men who develop these conditions should seek professional medical advice from a trained physician.

1. Phimosis - Men who are uncircumcised whose foreskin is especially tight around the head - a condition known as phimosis - may experience erectile pain when the penis becomes engorged. Minor tears may develop in the skin that cause a rough, dry appearance, as well as soreness, and in some cases, the foreskin may become trapped behind the crown during an erection. If this occurs, immediate treatment is urged, as this condition (referred to as paraphimosis) can restrict the flow of blood and result in permanent injury.

2. Priapism - Damage to the blood vessels leading from the penis can cause a sustained erection that may last for several hours without subsiding. This generally occurs without sexual arousal. Priapism is considered a medical emergency and should be treated by a trained urologist to prevent permanent damage and loss of function. This condition may be caused by blunt force trauma to the area; certain medical conditions may also lead to priapism. Treatment generally involves repairing or bypassing damaged blood vessels so that the trapped blood can flow out of the penis.

3. Peyronie’s disease - The erectile chambers are surrounded by a layer of connective tissue that expands when erections occur, and contracts when they subside. Rough handling of the penis or sudden injuries can cause scarring on this tissue. The scarred area, or plaque, does not expand in the same manner as the surrounding tissue; this results in a bowstring effect that pulls the erect penis in one direction. This problem can result in considerable penis pain. Treatments may range from vitamin supplements to surgery to correct the damaged tissue.

4. Injury - While the penis of course contains no bones, sudden bending or twisting of the erect manhood can lead to a penile rupture. This is usually accompanied by a popping noise and sharp pain, followed by bruising and ongoing discomfort. While penile fractures may heal on their own, they should be treated as soon as possible after the injury to ensure that long-term damage does not occur.

Protection and daily care for the penis

While there are no sure-fire guarantees against developing erectile pain, men can take steps to ensure that their penis is as healthy and resilient as possible. A little extra attention to daily penile care goes a long way toward preventing injuries, infections, and other problems related to sexual health.

Men should take steps to keep the pelvic area clean and well-groomed, and undergarments should be supporting but not restrictive. Use of a personal lubricant is suggested, both for relations with a partner and for masturbation; keeping the penis well-lubed can protect against chafing, as well as easing the way for penetration in order to prevent sudden bending during intimate contact.

Adding a quality penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) formula to the personal care regimen is also highly beneficial. Penis specific vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, as well as natural moisturizers, can help to keep the skin, nerve tissue and blood vessels performing at their best. Men who use a moisturizing penis cream may find that their manhood stays smooth and supple, as well as responsive to touch.

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