What do you understand when you hear the title ‘Chatbot’? A robot that takes out time to chat? Not really! In actual, a chatbot is a carefully designed artificial intelligence program that has the ability to interact with people via messaging or speech. For instance, Alexa and Siri are examples of speech bots. Chatbots are programs that are easily linked to your shared and owned mediums; Facebook, WhatsApp, website etc.

The actual achievement lies within the ease and relatability in the nature of conversation carried out by chatbots. Facebook messaging platform alone holds over 300,000 active chatbots. Depending on the nature of chatbot that a company develops, some chatbots are also able to hold capabilities, like taking restaurant reservations, managing hospital appointments, and even booking concert and airplane tickets.

A chatbot integrated platform helps with the following:

Reduced cost of resource management. A lot of the businesses suffer from hiring, training and retaining resources that are subjected to manage customer service. The chatbots with their artificial intelligence carry out exclusive and convincing conversations as humans and help customers make up a decision or be fully aware of the product/service.
Chatbots are replacing mass email marketing services. Due to immense spamming done by brands in sending out unnecessary emails and newsletters, customers have learned to straightaway mark the emails as spam and move on. What people are now interested in is to have actual, real-time conversations with the brand and chatbots help perform those conversations.
Moreover, once known people find it more attractive to converse and interact with chatbots. Moving towards the new age of technology and AI, chatbots have given people the window to engage with a new generation of artificial intelligence.
The future of the global economic market under the umbrella of Chabot is expected to reach $1.23 billion by the year 2025. Including in 2017, Facebook Messenger support for chatbots hiked to almost a 100k

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