Understanding HIPAA compliance requirements is the foundation to meeting the legal requirements required of a healthcare provider. Understanding HIPAA compliance involves being knowledgeable about the proper policies and procedures in place, because being in compliance with HIPAA is as important as providing the appropriate patient rights and controls on its uses and disclosures of Protected Health Information (PHI).
So, any organization that is being audited or is the subject of a compliance review has to show to the government that it not only has the wherewithal to demonstrate how it is addressing all of the required security safeguards; but also has the documentation necessary for safeguarding patient PHI.
A good grasp of the fundamentals is called for
Understanding HIPAA compliance requirements is needed to get a good grasp of the fundamentals of what is needed for protecting PHI is necessary for a healthcare practice, business or organization. A good grasp of the fundamentals of HIPAA compliance requirements is called for if an entity has to ensure that the safeguards it currently has are good enough to withstand government scrutiny. The palpable rise in the number of HIPAA data breaches is another solid reason for which a thorough understanding of HIPAA compliance is called for. Understanding HIPAA compliance requirements is necessary for knowing which requirements need to be met if the entity has to safeguard PHI.
To facilitate a good understanding of HIPAA compliance requirements, MentorHealth, a leading provider of professional trainings for the healthcare industry, will be organizing a webinar which will highlight these aspects. Jay Hodes, who is President and Founder, Colington Security Consulting, LLC, will be the speaker at this webinar. Please visit http://www.mentorhealth.com/control/w_product/~product_id=800898LIVE/~se... to enroll for this session.
At this webinar, which will give participants an understanding HIPAA compliance, Jay will break down the complexities of HIPAA compliance requirements in a simple and easy to understand method. The participants of this webinar will get clear knowledge of all the requirements for a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program and what steps they need to take in order to mitigate risk.

Jay will cover the following areas at this discussion:
o Why was HIPAA created?
o Who Must Comply with HIPAA Requirements?
o What are the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules?
o What is a HIPAA Risk Management Plan?
o What is meant by "Required" and "Addressable" Implementation Specifications?
o What are Administrative, Technical, and Physical Safeguards Requirements?
o What is a HIPAA Risk Assessment?
o What are HIPAA training requirements?
o What is a HIPAA data breach and what happens if it occurs?
o What are the penalties and fines for non-compliance and how to avoid them?
o Creating a Culture of Compliance
o Questions

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