Understanding Keto Diet & its Mistakes

With all the latest technological advancements people have come across a great deal of lifestyle changes. One among them includes the idea of dieting which helps them to control their body weight and ensure a healthy and happy living.

But most of these dieting practices starts with restricting the food intake and increased physical activities to burn out the extra body fat. Even though it is a good thing but following it regularly could become an absolute nightmare for some people. But thanks to the ever-increasing diet ideas such restrictions are no more! Here comes the ketogenic dietthat involves high fat, moderate protein and low carb food intake that makes the dream come true. Keep on reading to get a better idea of what this new Keto diet is all about.

What is it?

The ketogenic diet also goes by the name of Keto diet. Ever wondered why? It has low to almost no carb intake thereby helping your body attain the state of ketosis. To make it sound simpler, it helps the body to burn out the excess fat stored thereby achieving the so-called weight loss. So hence the name Keto diet.

So this arises the next big question,

What can we eat?

As mentioned earlier, this diet involves high-fat food items which we people more commonly consume. This includes cheese, meat, and other good fats found in seeds, nuts, and avocados.
But this doesn’t mean that people could just get on with eating rampage. There are certain factors to keep in mind if you want to lose weight. Remember it is a diet practice after all!
Having cheese is good but make sure to keep an eye on the calories or you will end up gaining more bodyweight.

Since it is No carb diet, this could make you sluggish, crank up between your meals. As carbs are the major source of fuel to our body, cutting them out immediately could make it harder for people who tend to work out regularly.

Getting clearer on this it is also essential for people to understand that there are two versions of this diet ketogenic and ketotarian diet. Though both tend to follow the same practices but differs in the idea of food selection for achieving the results.

The ketogenic diet involves meat and heavy fats which could prove effective but it is unhealthy after a certain amount of time. It greatly restricts the intake of vegetables due to the fear of an increase in carb count. This greatly limits the deficiency of various essential nutrients that are needed for the effective functioning of the body.

But in case of the ketotarian diet, the complete diet plan is plant-based. So this, in turn, proves to be a more healthy way of dieting. People get to enjoy the same results of weight loss without the fear of an increase in carb count.

But it also comes with certain precautions, certain food items must be avoided if you plan on achieving effective weight loss.

Mistakes to avoid in Keto Diet

1) Too much of saturated fat

The Keto Diet involves consuming 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrates every day to increase the fat count. But it is found that these saturated fats are highly linked in heart diseases and other serious health issues as well. So even the US Dietary guidelines recommend keeping this fat level within 10% for a healthy living.

2) Saying No to Milk and Grains

Avoiding foods like Milk or grains would lead to nutrition deficiency of calcium, iron, and magnesium which affects your overall metabolism. And remember there are no true replacements that could provide the same nutrients in such an effective level.
So if you are planning cutting out such nutritious food then it is recommended that you consult it with your nutritionist to take a supplement to establish a nutritional balance.

3) Insufficient water intake

It is essential to stay hydrated at all times because around 50 to 65%( in adults & 70% in infants) of our body contains liquids. So drinking sufficient amount of water at regular intervals becomes a mandatory one. But here in case of the Keto dieters, they tend to avoid it to see the effective results caused by a loss in body water weight. This is not good! It leads to constipation and you could also result in “keto flu”

4) Artificial Sweeteners

When it comes to Big Keto mistakes, artificial sweeteners play a pretty big role. Even many of the Keto dieters have admitted that one of the artificial sweetener called Maltitol ( more common in keto-friendly products) could result in bloating and diarrhea. So it is always better to stick to homemade meals and avoid processed foods to get the best results.

5) Expecting Long term health benefits

Keto Diet provides quick results but that doesn’t prove it will last forever. Let us face it, keto diet involves losing body muscles and fat, but people are gonna eventually gain those muscles and fat in some time later. Also as we mentioned earlier, consuming high amounts of saturated fat doesn’t gonna do any good. So it is safer to say don’t get your hopes high on the “long term keto benefits”

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