Mental illnesses include all such ailments wherein there is any kind of mental disorder that affects the normality of a person. Mental disorders can be of several types and can vary from a mild condition to a severe one. A person suffering from such disorders usually loses the ability to think clearly and cannot utilize the brain functions as any normal person can. These disorders need to be diagnosed and treated promptly for recovery or for the patient to lead a normal life.

Mental illnesses could be caused genetically or due to some psychological shocks. Experts have still not been able to identify the exact reasons for the causes of mental disorders but research shows that mental disorders could also be caused due to social pressures or chemical imbalances in the brain. While illnesses that are hereditary are probably easier to identify, other causes like psychological traumas could take a while to identify.

People suffering from mental disorders could return to normalcy if treated on time and efficiently. Many cases of mental disabilities can be cured if the symptoms can be spotted on time. Symptoms of such disabilities differ from disorder to disorder. The general symptoms are lack of concentration, slow processing of information, lack of self-care and constant depression. If any of these symptoms are noticed continuously in a person, a specialized doctor should be consulted immediately.

Mental disabilities include ailments like schizophrenia, bipolar mania, anxiety, depression and personality disorders. These ailments can occur at any age and can affect any one. They can be treated by medication, therapies and hypnotherapy. People suffering from such disabilities are unable to carry out even simple tasks like daily activities. Their brain cells do not react normally to situations and if left untreated, these illnesses can leave a person quite helpless.

Those suffering from a mental disability can avail of certain benefits that the government offers which will definitely ease the pressures of expensive treatment. The Canadian government has the facility of providing disability tax benefits to patients that makes treatment simpler and more economical. These disability tax credit benefits can either be in the form of grants or tax credits. The Canadian Disability Corporation helps out the patient in the entire process of claiming disability tax credit benefits. Besides expert advice and guidance on other available benefits for mental illnesses, the Canadian Disability Corporation also ensures that the patient gets to claim what he/she deserves for the mental disorder.

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