An individual with narcissistic personality disorder believes that he or she is special, unique and entitled to receive preferential treatment.

This occurs because the narcissist’s psychological makeup is the creation of a False Self - a grandiose pathological version that he or she scripts life upon. The narcissistic personality has innate feelings of being defective and tries to avoid the inner self-annihilating wounds of not feeling acceptable or worthy by over-compensating withan exaggerated sense of importance. The need to be revered, special and unique isdemanded from other people, especially close intimates.

The individual with narcissistic personality disorder, despite pretending to be capable, confident and positive is really a perpetual victim who believes that life owes him or her. Because the narcissistic personality does not have a clearlydefined sense of self or boundaries as to where he or she ends and another person starts, the narcissistic personality believes that people and objects are a means to an end- simply to grant the narcissistic personalitynarcissistic supply.

This is theattention, acclaim and possessions which distract the individual with narcissistic personality disorder from feeling the deep inner wounds of unworthiness and powerlessness. The narcissistic personality has pathologically rationalised these entitlements are his or her ‘rightful dues’.

Entitlement to a person with narcissistic personality disorder involves specialised treatment, as well as possessions, contacts, sex, objects and anything that the narcissist can pathologically rationalise he or she is entitled to take and have. The urge for outside attention, power, resourcesand possessions is akin to the addiction a drug addict has for heroin.Thenarcissistic personality has the ability to construct all sorts of excuses, scapegoats, smear campaigns and pathological lies to justify to him or herself or anyone else as to why he or she is entitled.

Due to the enormous gap between the narcissist’s pathological constructed version of self, and what he or she really feels at an inner emotional level, thenarcissistic personalityinsatiably needs to be recognised as special and privileged. This means the narcissistic personalityhas a hair-line trigger to any slight real or imagined, any questioning or any ‘critique’. This could constitute a tone of voice or a body gesture let alone a downright criticism. When the narcissistic personality assesses that he or she isnot receiving the important andpreferential treatment that the False Self requires, narcissisticinjuryoccurs, which is then followed by narcissistic rage. At these times the narcissistic personalitywill purposefully and deliberately punish the person who has not revered the enormously entitled False Self sufficiently.

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