Moving to Australia can be a really exciting process, packed with new experiences, becoming embedded in a new culture and community, and ensuring a new outdoor lifestyle.

Before you ship your belongings to Australia using a quality shipping company, you need to think about the accommodation. Renting in Australia isn't as easy as in some places the world. You need to show certain Australian documentation issued by the state in order to ensure that your digital identity is fully proven.

Identity documents for rentals

Identity documents are split into primary documents, and secondary documents. Primary documents carry the most weight, and there is a point system that you need to hit hundred on in order to qualify. The Queensland government provides the following guidance on the point to Chief different documents.

First the primary documents. A birth certificate and a passport carry 50 points. The Australian driver's license carries 60 points.

Now the secondary documents. A certificate of Australian citizenship, change of name certificate, marriage certificate, Australian Visa and medicare card each carry 40 points.

It is a very good idea to get your Australian drivers license as soon as you can.

Rental requirements

In most cases in Australia you need to provide a deposit which is four weeks rent in most cases. You'll also need to provide an extra two weeks rent in advance as bond. Make sure that you take good photos of the property because Australian agents sometimes try and keep money after the lease is over. If you can prove the state of repair of everything you'll be able to get your money back.

Using a relocation agent

You may want to consider using a relocation agent in order to help you secure an apartment or other type of accommodation in your chosen city. Places like city are highly competitive and it can be difficult to find something within your budget on your own. Relocation experts may also be able to find you shared accommodation, or you can go to Google and find shared accommodation on site like If you haven't got time to travel to Australia before your relocation then it's always good to have someone on the ground to help you with the process.

Best Australian property rental websites

A simple Google search will bring up lots of websites where you can find rental properties in Australia. Real, and are some examples, and particularly good for Sydney. Take a look at some different forums and find out which sites are best in different areas if you are going to be renting for short periods in different locations, or if you want to rent in a very specific location.

If you're traveling around or backpacking then there are lots of hostels available which may be far cheaper than renting a property, and will give you a lot more flexibility.

There is a certain scarcity factor in many of the cities in Australia as rental prices have been high. Not everyone can afford to rent in Australia so always look out for other solutions. Be smart when you go to Australia. Look for value for money, location and the amenities around you that will give you the lifestyle that you desire. Moving to Australia is more exciting if you love where you live.

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Misty Jhones