One of the best pieces of advice about exercising basically says that where exercising and fitness are concerned, there are basically only two rules that you need follow to achieve your fitness goals. Those two rules are first, exercise, and secondly, keep exercising.

Imagine that bit of sage wisdom thrown at you by a little old man with wizened eyes, a turban and a six pack. There is definite truth in that simple advice.

Another intellectual mind who shared some advice about exercising was the great Plato who said that a lack of activity or movement destroys any human’s good condition, while movement as well as methodical physical exercise will save and preserve it.

This gives some insight into the physically body and its capacities as an ageing machine. The age at which the human body is able to do the most physical work is when it is the healthiest.

According to Plato, if a person will exercise while they are growing up and afterwards as well, they will be able to reach that peak in their physical fitness and keep it for a longer time. There is also a rather famous pop icon that was noted for her rather slender figure while she was alive.

That pop star was reported as saying that if fitness came in a bottle, every single person would have a body like hers. This is interesting and makes one wonder if she and all of her money had been able to afford some kind of bottled fitness that the general public can’t afford.

One unknown author recorded some clever words about exercising that have now been immortalized in motivational calendars in virtually every book store. He said something to the effect of, the only exercise that certain people ever get involves pushing their luck, running their friends down, rushing to avoid responsibilities and jumping to premature conclusions.

That is a humorous quote since none of those things have anything to do with physical fitness. It would be interesting to know if people who regularly acted in such a sorry way were also the type of people who have never made it to the gym or who have never worked out on a treadmill.

One other wise woman said that the health of a man can be determined by noticing if it is two pills or two stairs that he takes at a time. This has contrasting references both to an exercise conscientious mind set as well as a common prescription for many ailing people but if you think about it, it is probably not the truest statement about exercise.

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