Who is a sperm donor?

Generally, people have a lot of misconceptions about sperm donors. While as per definition, a sperm donor is a person who donates his sperm to a bank, not anyone or everyone can be that person.

Sperm donation has quite stringent criteria and a person has to undergo a series of tests before he can actually donate sperm. The tests are performed to ensure that the prospective donor is not suffering from any diseases that can be passed down genetically. A semen analysis, one of the medical tests carried out, helps to find out whether or not the concerned individual meets the required benchmarks for good sperm count and quality. Sperm donor clinics also check his medical history and that of his family to further eliminate any doubts, whatsoever.

Sperm donors generally receive some price for the sperm donation made in India, and even abroad.

About the donor sperm

Once the sperm is accepted by a bank, it can that be given away to anyone in need. As per norms, information concerning either party, that is the donor and the couple receiving the sperm, are not exchanged between the two. And even if the donor later on finds out who the couple is, the pre-signed disclaimer keeps him from exercising any rights on the child. This means that he has no legal rights on the child.

The need for donor sperm

When we talk about sperm donation, the most important question remains – What is the need for sperm donation? So let’s find out the answer –

Researchers throughout the world are working to develop new methods and techniques to perform wonders on the human body. And thanks to the significant progress that medical science has undergone over the years, even men with severe cases of infertility are able to have children of their own.

Although there are ways that allow people to use their own sperm, in certain circumstances, none of these seem to be of help; for instance, when a male is not capable of producing sperm. Sperm donation is one such medical breakthrough that has made it possible for men with irreversible vasectomy, erectile dysfunction, or insufficient sperm in their semen, to father children.

This can happen in two cases, one where the male has a reproductive organ’s defect by birth and another, where he suffered damage to these organs at some stage in his life. Other than these, there are also conditions where the insufficiency of sperm in the semen of the male can hinder the successful fertilization of the egg in the female. Some genetic disorders may also be an underlying cause behind a male’s failure to produce healthy sperms. Age, though odd, is another reason, as in specific cases, males lose potency with increasing age. There are also cases of males having abused their bodies with the usage of drugs, which may cause them to suffer permanent damage or loss of fertility.

In all of the above mentioned cases, where it becomes difficult for couples to bear an offspring, sperm donation comes in as the much needed aid. It is owing to these reasons that today, apart from the West, sperm donation in India is also in huge demand.

Sperm donation in India

Due to the much practiced tradition of leaving all of one’s worldly possession to one’s children, the demand for an heir is quite high in India. This is one of the factors that have given a boost to sperm donation in India.

However, this is something that is endorsed by celebrities too. As the mindsets of people in the country are broadening, even single women who are not inclined towards marriage are opting to beget children using sperm donation.

Sperm donation is a safe practice and is only undertaken after numerous tests confirming the fitness of the donor are made.

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