We have all heard the popular adage "First impressions are the lasting ones." And this is what comes to mind when you think of resume. Resumes are the first point of interaction between you and your prospective employers. Resumes are also a tool for elimination by a company that is looking for candidates. Therefore, resume writing should be mastered well because it is through this piece of content that you will be recalled in the job market.
To present a well-organized and professional-looking resume to your prospective employer, it is important to have your basics right – spelling, grammar, proper usage of words and punctuations, among others. If you lack the confidence for resume writing, you can avail of content service providers who can help you with this technical document. A competent content writer will follow certain conventions that make your resume a winning streak. Here are a few golden rules.
No using first person pronoun
Never use the first person pronoun “I” in your resume. It is obvious that your resume is all about yourself. So, instead of saying “I have demonstrated professionalism and dedication in my work” it is important to write something like “Demonstrated professionalism and dedication in work.” It is important to note that the second example of each example begins with an action verb. This is an accepted practice in resume writing.
Use short, crisp sentences
Keep the sentences in your resume crisp and clear. The sentences need not be complete. You can skip frequent use of articles like “a”, “the” and “an”. For instance, you need not say “Spent five years working in newspaper, as both a reporter and a subeditor, demonstrating proven skill in writing, editing and managing a team of reporters efficiently. Instead, it can be said:
• 5 years work experience in a newspaper
 Worked as reporter and subeditor.
 Demonstrated proven skill in managing a team of reporters.
It is much better if you try a bulleted format in resume, because Bulleted information is crisp, more reader friendly and attract attention easily.
Use simple English
A quality content writer will tell you never to use jargons while writing a resume. It is not a good idea to use difficult words as it would never impress your employers. It is good to keep things simple with easy adjectives and phrases. Use both paragraphs and bullets judiciously and write simple and short sentences.
Use specific information
Even if you begin with a general statement in resume writing, you should follow it with more specific ones. For example, if you write: “Handled all kinds of editorial role” it is very general. Try to narrow down your focus. You can instead write: “responsible for editing news articles, handled a team of 4-5 reporters, rewritten editorial copies and represented the company in editorial meetings”. The second example talks about specific roles and information. And good content service providers follow this norm.
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