People often confuse between car repairs and MOT. This is because due to the need for necessary repairs their car is not able to clear the MOT conducted annually. This article focuses on the difference between these concepts.
What is MOT? According to transportation laws in the United Kingdom, every vehicle that is more than three years old is required to undergo the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test annually to ensure that it is safe for driving and riding on the roads of the United Kingdom. MOT is not the matter of a choice or an option, it is a legal requirement that needs to be completed on its fixed time. In the absence of MOT, your insurance is not valid and you are not allowed to drive your car on road, until unless it does not clear the MOT. If you are found driving without valid MOT license not only you will be fined according to laws, but even your driving license may be cancelled. Components that are checked during the MOT are:
1. Lights (Front lights, rear lights, and turn indicators)
2. Windscreen
3. Wiper and washer bottle
4. Registration plate
5. Vehicle identification number
6. Steering and suspension
7. Seats and seat belts
8. Horn
9. Emission level
10. Doors
11. Rear View Mirrors
12. Fuel system
13. Bodywork
14. Wheels and tyres.
If any of these components are found damaged or not working properly during the test, your vehicle is regarded as not suitable for driving on the road, until the necessary repair is not done and the vehicle does not clear the test accordingly after undergoing the required repair work. For MOT the government authorizes service stations from where the vehicle owners are required to conduct the test of their vehicle. It would be interesting to know that MOT license issued by these testing centres is only valid.
What is a car repair? Like MOT car repairs is also an essential step to enjoy the flawless drive of your vehicle. In the absence of required repair, there are chances that your vehicle might give-up at the time when you need it on an urgent basis or you in the middle of your journey. Undergoing the necessary repair on time not only ensure the safety of your vehicle but also makes it easier for you to get its MOT clear on time without any complexity. At the time of repairs, the technician will properly inspect the defected component and depending upon its condition he will either repair or replace it accordingly. Now the question arises that how to find an authentic car repair centre because it is seen that sometimes taking the advantage of the customer’s innocence some of the centres charge an extra price for the repairs or uselessly replace the part which could work effectively after necessary repair.
To get your car repaired from an authentic centre there are certain things to keep in concern.
1. Always check for the certificate of accreditation given to registered Car repairs Tipton.
2. The authentic repair centre will first give the estimate of the work to be done on your car before starting his work.
3. He will also allow you to sit in his premises to check the work done by him, on your request.
4. He will always use genuine parts if there is a need to replace the damaged part.
5. Provide necessary warranty for the work done by him.
6. Offer you free transport service to drop you at your desired destination, or will provide you extra vehicle for driving to your vehicle.
7. Will deliver your vehicle after repair on time.
These are certain things that you should consider while hiring the services of an authentic repair centre.

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From the above-mentioned discussion, it is clear that there is a huge difference between car repairs and MOT, yet both of them are necessary for enjoying smooth and safe driving. Where MOT validates the drivability of your vehicle, the repairs ensure its smooth performance.