Online businesses utilize generic efforts to be well updated of any vulnerable virus attacks. So if you have started making the right effort in this direction, ensure first that you install computer virus protection software. Any possible delay or crash of your system results in slow working network speed and thus leads to overloading. The main issue that tends to neglect is the updating of security patches and antivirus software that overloads system.

Read the basic steps that can keep your PC running reliably:

Keep Windows Updated with the latest Patches: Since windows 98 provide access to all its updates, scan your system to be informed about changes. The latest security patches and service packs are broken down into critical and recommended updates. Schedule these updates automatically so there’s no chance of having a patched system.

Keep Spyware and Antivirus Updated: Irrespective of how good your antivirus program is, if it’s not updated or is not good enough it’s simply worthless. Most antivirus applications load an icon on window tray, which can help you identify its status in one glance. Always make sure that the application is running after starting windows properly.

Proper Configuration: An antivirus download free program should be properly configured in order to perform definitive updates every day. It should be able to combat malwares and should be critically well known for its easy to use and effective approach.

Keep all Applications Patched: It’s important that applications and utilities on your system are prone to security risks and require Updation on regular basis. Programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader, QuickTime, Real player, Skype, WinZip and more require both maintenance and security updates from time to time.

Safety of background files: Applications that successfully run in background such as flash and java are also at high risk. Ensure keeping proper track on these to make your job easier. It directs you to a site where you can download and install the needed patches and keep your system secured.

Unused Applications: By installing free antivirus program you can always ensure your system is properly optimized with all privacy settings, updates and cleaning done. It uninstalls all the removing applications from your system.

Installing the best program helps remove unused files from hard disk and cleans up history very well.

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