The Chariot is a sign of inspiration, a sign of focus on the spiritual and not civilisation, materialism, or other aspects of life that focus on the mundane, daily world. This card is also a sign of both positive and negative aspects of life, and that in order to have will power and strength, one needs to accept both halves of life. Also, the Chariot is a very true sign of victory against one’s opposition, or the conquering of something. By utilising willpower and one’s mental strength, the Chariot shows that one will be successful and can overcome any of the obstacles you may face. The Chariot also represents a sign that one must practice self-discipline and utilise their ambition to be hard working to achieve their goals. When you find yourself looking towards a new endeavour or a new project, you will find yourself more driven to complete the project. When looking at the Chariot in a Tarot reading, the keywords that represent this card are: achieving a goal, triumphing in the face of adversity, conquering obstacles, self-determination, effort, perseverance, a victory, and success.

Reversed, the Chariot also brings a warning that you might be losing your sense of control because you’re collapsing from all of the pressure. If you’re aggressive, then chances are that it’s focused at the wrong people, which you need to re-channel to some other aspect of your life. When reversed, the Chariot’s key words to watch are: disregarding other people, avarice, being envious, losing control, experiencing chaos in life, an imbalance, destruction, traditions that are outdated or restrictive negatively, and a sense of too much ambition or overly high expectations.

There are many tools of divination available to those who wish to seek them out, but one of the most iconic and easy to learn is the deck of Tarot. In beginning to understand Tarot, there are four suits: swords, cups, wands and pentacles, as well as Major Arcana, iconic cards that have a whole different series of meanings in the deck and are universally considered the more important part of the deck. In continuing study of the Major Arcana, next is the 7 Card, The Chariot.

When this card is present in a Tarot reading upside-down, also known as reversed or ill-dignified, this is a sign that you may be losing control in a situation, or you’ve always have very little control about this. This often means that you have lost the upper hand and now are at the whims of those in control, which can make you feel helpless. If you have control and don’t want to lose it, this is a card representing that you must really focus so that you do not lose control of a scenario, and you have to stay determined and focused. If you cannot control something, then focus on other things that you can positively affect and control.

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