Tax credits can benefit companies in a lot of ways. But as filing for this benefit includes meeting IRS’ requirements, some employers don’t really consider processing for this benefit due to the need for complex procedures. Nonetheless, a WOTC Screening/Processing solution can make the whole process simpler due to its automated features. Efficient Hire has the Efficient WOTC program, a powerful tool that can make this process easier for employers.

Apart from knowing the availability of such automated solutions, it’s important for employers to know the concept of automating this process. Some employers will process this tax benefit for the first time and may not be familiar with the automated programs.

Filing for WOTC gained the reputation of being a complex process to accomplish. Spotting the right candidates for this tax benefit manually is challenging, especially if a company has hundreds and thousands of employees. With the help of an automated system, employers can immediately see the employees that can bring this tax benefit for their companies. Aside from knowing these employees, clients can also file easily as the program will capture relevant information to complete WOTC-related documents. Utilizing this solution will make the whole process easier than expected.

Aside from the benefit of using an automated WOTC Screening/Processing program, it’s also crucial for employers to understand that automated WOTC filing includes two phase namely screening and processing. In the case of Efficient WOTC, it allows users to choose from these options in filing for WOTC. It can screen eligible candidates for this benefit through questions set in the system. As this program is an automated system, no eligible candidates will escape the assessment so documents can be detected with ease. After finding out the eligible candidates, it will then ask employers to fill out necessary forms required for filing.

If clients will only choose the screening option offered by Efficient Hire, clients need to file and process the tax credits themselves. The program also shares information on how to process WOTC without the need for third party service providers. This allows companies to save money and process their documents easily through the guide.

The next option offered by this automated solution is full processing. On this option, employers don’t need to worry about anything as the program takes care of screening and processing the certified credit. It will capture added reports for filing like payroll and come up with comprehensive reports, which will be presented to tax advisors. Employers will only be required to pay low fees per screened employee and certified tax credit. The good thing is processing asks for a low percentage so employees don’t have to worry about payments. They simply need to run this program and let it do the work while saving money.

Understanding the concept and involved processes using automated WOTC Screening/Processing solution will help employers set their expectations on this procedure. They will find it beneficial for their companies and be knowledgeable of the simple processes even before filing for WOTC, which emphasizes the program as a useful investment.

Author's Bio: Transaction Origination Platform powers the company's various industry leading SaaS services by allowing its customers to capture data for multiple forms by using an online one-time-entry "interview." Its market leading solutions, Efficient Hire and Efficient WOTC, automate the new hire onboarding process for all types of employers.