If you own a diesel vehicle and willing to tune it for enjoying its improved performance, then it is better to understand the whole process of tuning in detail before being cheated by the fake technicians. Because, with changing time there is a change in the process of tuning a vehicle and today tuning has become more complex, especially after the entrance of computerized systems in the form of engine control unit or ECU. The cars manufactured before 2000 were mainly empowered with turbo diesel injection engines that had a high powered mechanical pump which could be altered for increasing fuel pressure to the engine.

But, then came the period of engine control unit or ECU, that was basically a computer device that controls the functioning of different parts installed under the bonnet and interconnected with the engine. It collects information about input and output from different components through sensors and on the basis of this information, it instructs an engine to deliver its performance. The ECU mainly contains the maps or programming parameters that are determined by the original manufacturer of the vehicle for determining its performance. As the whole process is computerized it requires expert technicians that are well versed with the use of computers, to tune the car or in other tunes the engine control unit installed in a particular vehicle without making use of a screwdriver.

Therefore, going through the complexities involved in the whole process, the use of a tuning box was introduced for altering the parameters of engine control unit to control the pressure of fuel towards the engine. This involved, interrupting the signals from the fuel pressure sensors to the ECU and make use of simple resistors to bridge the gap between input and output signals of ECU and make the engine control unit assume that the pressure of fuel is low. As the low fuel pressure is capable of damaging an engine the ECU protects by opening the fuel injectors for enhancing the pressure, thus resulting in a generation of torque in extra quantity.

But, now the question arises that whether you should make use of tuning box for tuning the engine of your car or remap the engine control unit of your vehicle for improving its performance. This is mainly, because of the huge debate going on a cyber world on this subject. There are lots of forums who favor the use of the tuning box, whereas some favor the practice of engine remapping. Therefore, going through the concern of motorists we are trying to differentiate between both these processes.

The results: Whether you install a tuning box or remap the engine control unit of your vehicle, the results delivered by both these methods would almost be the same. The slight variation in the results may be due to the suppliers and also on the condition of your car’s engine. Moving, the tuning box will have pre-installed tuning maps, that could be used on a particular engine depending upon its requirement. The map used for tuning your car will be strictly according to the condition of the engine installed in your vehicle compatible to its make.

Installing: Installing the tuning box is quite simple and easier than compared to remapping. A computer savvy with basic knowledge of computer programming can easily install a tuning box in the engine control unit of your car. On the other side remapping, generally requires expertise in the job and need to be accomplished by an expert in the workshop.

Impact on service and warranty offered by the manufacturer: When you get your vehicle remapped, it is quite possible that the authorized dealers of the manufacturers might refuse to work on your car as it has been checked by the outside technician. This is mainly due to the visibility of wiring, that have been readjusted during the remapping. On the other side, as tuning box can be installed and removed without any hard endeavors, it is not easy for the technician to detect any changes in the existing tuning box of the vehicle.

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In short, it can be said that whether you changing the tuning box or remapping the engine control unit, it is better to get both the operations carried on your vehicle by an expert to avoid other complexities that could debar you from driving your beloved car.