Forex trading is one of the biggest markets around the world. According to the official data from 2019, the average daily turnover of Forex trading was as much as $5.1 trillion. There are many people who participate in this market, and the number of Forex brokers worldwide is increasing daily.

However, although the market is very popular, it comes with many risks as well. Before investing in Forex, traders must understand these risks and learn a lot of information to make sure that they are staying safe.

One of the most complex things to understand about FX trading is the exchange rate quotations.

To make quotations easier to understand, let’s talk about one of the examples. The currency pair of USD/EUR is one of the most traded pairs. Here, USD is the base currency, while Euro is the quote currency. Experts usually refer to quote currency as counter currency.

But, there are a lot more that needs to be said about Forex quotes. There are two types of them, known as direct and indirect quotes. But what makes them different? Many people on the market are having a very hard time to spot the difference. If you are looking for more information about it, here are Forex quotes explained in great detail.

Forex quotes are very important for both beginner investors and those who have been trading for a long time now. They can make a huge difference while trading, and understanding details behind it will make trading much easier. Forex trading is one of the most popular markets around the world, but for success, it is very important to understand everything behind it.

What are Forex direct quotes?

To understand how the quotations are categorized as direct and indirect, one first needs to understand whether they are using domestic or foreign currency as the base currency. Also, it very much depends on where the investor is trading from.

A direct forex quote can be classified as a foreign currency fixed unit, denominated in terms of the base currency variable unit. This shows how many local currency units are required to purchase one single unit of the foreign currency. So, to make it clear, if you are a citizen of the United States and you are trading USD/EUR, you will be dealing with the direct quote, but if you are trading EUR/USD, you will be dealing with indirect quote.

Around the world, direct quotes is the most used one, also, most of the quotes that you will come across while trading are depicted as USD or another major currency as the base.

What is the indirect quote?

Indirect quote is many times referred to as quantity quotation, because it expresses the quantity of foreign currency that is required to buy a domestic one. This is the exact opposite of the direct quote.

To make it easier to understand, indirect quote basically is the opposite of a direct quote, which is many times referred to as the price quotation.

For an indirect quote, a lower exchange rate shows that the domestic currency is becoming weaker, since it is worth a smaller amount of the foreign currency.

So, in the end, with indirect quotes the price of the domestic currency is expressed in terms of the foreign currency. It shows exactly how much of foreign currency is needed for investors to buy the domestic currency.

In the end, what makes these two different?

At first, it might sound a little complicated, but once you start trading, you will understand these concepts a lot easier.

The base currency and the quote currency can be both a direct and indirect quote, it mostly depends on which currency you will decide to focus on and use in everyday life. Most of the traders in the world of Forex prefer to focus on direct currencies because it is much easier for them to calculate. So, if you are looking for USD’s direct quote, you would go with the pair that starts with USD.

Also, many people think that they should use their native currency to have a direct quote, but this is not true at all. What you can do is to simply focus on a single currency and pair it with almost anything on the market, as long as you remember to use it as your base currency, you will be trading with direct currency quotes.

No matter what you do, remember that Forex trading is a very risky market and you need to make sure to understand every tiny concept about it. The more you know, the easier it gets to start trading with success.

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