Fortunately, in the U.S., most car accidents will not kill you, but the leftover pain and anxiety of the accident can have long-term effects. Far too many people ruin their chances of a timely recovery because they decide against their doctor’s orders and attempt to resume normal activities too soon – and pay the price. Many people fail to realize the importance of taking the time necessary to recover fully.

In the U.S., about every 10 seconds, someone experiences the horror of a car accident. Broken bones, cuts and bruises, and recovery time suddenly become top of mind. Doctors and experts alike recommend following a prescribed method of treatment to shorten recovery time and ease back into everyday life.

Recovery After Surgery

Your doctor knows the best routine for your care. For those people itching to get back to life, you are much better off following your doctor’s orders faithfully. Too often, after being put through the rigors of daily pokes and prods by the doctors, people feel good enough to handle the pain on their own, and make a break into normalcy.

After eating a home-cooked meal and getting back to work, life seems somewhat familiar, and you push forward to the next day with anticipation. After a few days of freedom, a painful realization of your mistake settles in with a vengeance.

After a short stint in the hospital with little or no physical activity, you are suddenly forcing your body to climb stairs, sit for long periods, drive in traffic, and all the while feeling more pain than ever. It is then when you realize you have no choice but to relent and start your recovery over—this time, you take advice and do the right things.

Mental Health Takes Precedence

After you start recovering and your body begins to respond well to treatment and exercise during this time, you may be feeling anxious and confused. According to Lynda Matthews, the Head of the Rehabilitation Counseling Unit at the University of Sydney, most people recover from the stress of a car accident.

Be aware of your condition and talk to your doctor if any signs of anxiety begin to appear. Some of the symptoms include lack of energy, irritability, insufficient sleep or concentration, to name a few.

In closing, take time for yourself and do not rush anything. Take your doctor’s advice because it is the best information you will receive through this time in your life. When you are getting your health back and confident of your immediate future, this might be the time to consider talking to a car accident lawyer to discuss your options concerning the accident. That person can guide you on possible next steps.

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Dixie Somers is a freelance writer who loves to write for business, health, and women’s interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters.