Ormus gold or Monoatomic gold is a hot subject in the field of alternate medicine in the past few decades. Scientists have been running studies after studies to find out the properties and healing power of this mystery element. The chemical design of monatomic gold is so complicated and vast that no concrete solution has been reached. There is an on-going debate on whether this element is actually good or bad to human body in the long run.
Ormus gold is not a new element in human history. There are lot of references to this element in the various civilizations who not only knew it but are known to have used it for healing purpose. It is addresses with many names like white gold, powder gold, manna, and philosopher’s stone and so on. Based on the studies and findings thus far, we can draw a few common properties of Ormus Gold.
Enhance Spiritual Awareness and Knowledge
In the Egyptian script the triangle is a very commonly used symbol. There is a regular reference to a conical shaped stone or object which is referred to as gold. Historians believe this is nothing but Ormus gold. This mysterious element was highly regarded and was used for healing purposes. It is believed to have taken humans to a higher level of knowledge or spiritual existence. Because of this, the person would be able to understand the supernatural realm and also stimulate healing in the physical body.
Monoatomic gold is a superconductor. This means that it attracts positive energy. Such elements constituting of one or 2 atoms resonate energy in the primary form. This energy is the source of all the life energy found in the living and non-living beings. That is why ancients referred to Monatomic gold as ‘Spirit of Life’ meaning the energy that sources all life.
DNA Correction
Ormus gold basically is a relaxing agent. It has the capacity to relax nervous system, organs and even the cells. In this relaxed state the cells get stimulated and rejuvenated to a great extent. This is actually what leads to spontaneous healing. The relaxing capacity of monoatomic gold is so powerful that even the DNA of a being is relaxed. Scientists have observed that the faults in DNA were corrected because of this super relaxed state.
Sources of Ormus Gold
Monoatomic gold exists in the form of energy everywhere. Elements of Ormus gold are found in the air, rocks, sea water, soil, sand, plants, animals and even humans. Yes there is a little quantity of Ormus gold in our body as well. Studies show that ocean or sea water has the highest deposit of monatomic gold, which is obvious because all the minerals of the world flow into these waters. Mountain springs, cocoa beans, aloe vera and many such consumable food items also contain Ormus gold in them. These can be regularly consumed and thus the healing element can be naturally supplemented to human body.
Monoatomic gold is present in many forms of supplements that can be taken on doctor’s advice. But one should understand the long term side effects are not yet determined and thus one needs to be cautious while adopting such alternate medicines.

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