What is a Pitr Dosh?

Pitr Dosh is the Karmic Debt of the forefathers, which, the descendants are required to pay back and clear. A person can be said to be suffering from Pitr Dosh, when his or her departed ancestors committed some sins or mistakes. This is an affliction that gets reflected in the horoscope of an individual. The person so affected needs to make amends and clear the Dosh, through the performance of good Karma or virtuous acts in the lifetime, or else, will have to face the consequences, which may come in the form of hardships and distress.

Are there any practical indications, which point to Pitr Dosh?

Yes, there definitely are. The following can be a few of them:

People having no issues, or begetting children with birth defects.

Disobedient and wayward children.

Remaining jobless or changing jobs, often.

Calamities and losses in business and profession.

Recurring problems in the place of dwelling, like water and sewage defects, cracks in walls, seepages and leakages etc.
Frequent overflowing of milk while boiling, and food items getting spilled.

Frequent pests attacks.

Even if a person faces 4, 5 of such symptoms, it can be said that he or she is suffering from Pitr Dosh.
What remedies can help people to come out of the effects of Pitr Dosh?

There are some simple remedies suggested in this regard.
Performing the Shradh ceremonies with dedication and faith. Also doing of Tarpan regularly, as ordained and also in sacred places like Gaya and Hardwar.

Seeking divine pardon for the omissions and commissions of the ancestors and for our own sins. Also, forgiving those who have wronged us and seeking others’ forgiveness, for our mistakes.

Helping the needy and doing charity, generously.
Respecting elders and upholding family values, and maintaining good relationship with relatives, friends and in society.

If done with sincerity and belief, these remedies will prove to be extremely effective in protecting people from the ill effects of Pitr Dosh and for getting the blessings of the departed family elders.Read more : https://www.astroved.com/astropedia/en/festivals/mahalaya-amavasya

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