Reincarnation is the way you have evolved as a soul. You are reincarnation. You are the grand total of every experience you have had throughout eons of time. Francisco Coll once told me, "You are like a piece of the sun that has freed itself and are becoming a sun within yourself."

You have traveled this universe many times. The people close to you - your loved ones, your friends, people you enjoy fellowshipping with - probably have been with you many lifetimes. When you have a close, warm feeling toward someone you meet for the first time, it probably means that you have been with him or her before in another lifetime. Some people call this love at first sight.

You may be unaware that you are frequently affected by places you go because the vibration is similar to a place where you were in a previous lifetime. Or you may actually be revisiting a place you were in during a past lifetime. In the same way, you may react to a person because their energy pattern reminds you of someone from the past. Have you ever had strong feelings about someone you barely knew? How much would it help you if you could easily discern the reasons for these feelings?

The value of being aware of past lifetimes is that you can see patterns that are strong points you can build on and you can avoid pitfalls that are simply habit patterns. When you become aware of these patterns, it is simple to change them. You may begin to see that you have wasted a lot of time in other lifetimes when you find out about them. The more you unfold your self-respect, the more you will respect your time and the less time you waste. You accomplish more with your life because your time has become more valuable.

During a trip out into the galaxy system, the perspective of planet earth changes. You are able to find the reality that a lifetime on earth is but the blinking of an eye in the time span of eternity. You are a soul living within that blinking of an eye.

By way of the silver cord, the soul part of you provides the energy that keeps the cells of your body together. As long as the silver cord is intact, your body lives. When that channel is not there, your body dies. Many people spend the time they have in a body just waiting, instead of realizing that life is an opportunity to experience many things and to grow from them by being totally involved in life. Think for a minute. How do you think you might feel if, from the vantage point of the universe, you looked back on your life here and could see that you did not accomplish what you came to do?

You may have a tendency toward a certain habit or certain type of relationship. Have you ever noticed that you find yourself in a particular type of situation over and over again? Or do certain kinds of situations always seem to end the same way?

You can bring many different kinds of tendencies with you. Some of these may be stronger simply because they are habits you have reinforced lifetime after lifetime. To give you an idea of the type of tendency you could be caught in, some possibilities are resentment, impatience, keeping yourself from success, etc. These tendencies you bring with you can be stimulated in your early years and can create tension, dissension and frustration in your life. They will not stop you from growing spiritually, but they can slow you down.

You may feel that you are trying very hard to accomplish but you do not seem to make much headway. You may find that something often occurs to tear down what you have been building for yourself. When this happens, it could be that you are involved with an energy pattern from the past that you haven't discerned. You can work through these patterns as you become aware of them. Through improved discernment you know what is you and what is not you. Anything that keeps you from your dreams is not you.

As a soul, you came into this life with a definite life purpose. You can call it your thrust or policy. You knew how you wanted to accomplish your purpose. The "how" is your procedures. In your first seven years, if you became molded in ways that are not consistent with your policy, you may have lost sight of your life purpose.

When that happens, you will have difficulty with your communication with yourself and others. When you take the time to clarify your policies or goals for this lifetime, you will find it easier to accomplish those goals. Your procedures become easier and simplified. The more you understand your policies and procedures, the more you become one with all things.

Do you know what you want to do with the rest of your time on planet earth? When you realize you are time, you will stop playing games with yourself. When you lose sight of the truth that you are time, you may think that you are nothing more than a physical being. You have been indoctrinated for many lifetimes to believe you are a physical being. You are the universe. You are time. You are a soul with a physical body.

You incarnated into a physical body to find spiritual fulfillment and to accomplish for yourself. If you focus your attention on that big picture of life, you will have a good sense of direction and you will always know where you are going. All you are doing is relearning what you already know. You are the grand total of every thought and every feeling you have had through eons of times. If you do not enjoy the opportunities that come your way, it is because you do not see yourself in the total picture. Life is like climbing a tree. The higher you climb, the more you can see. This is what you have been doing through out your life... taking ever larger opportunities in order to expand your picture. Watch, listen to and learn from people who are successful - people with the vibration of self-respect. This will help you expand your picture. Everyone and everything in your life is there to help you see yourself more clearly as a soul and move beyond patterns you have carried with you, possibly for many lifetimes.

This is what understanding your lifetimes is all about. If you learn what you have already done, you can continue improving yourself. You are spirit. You are time. You are in a continual process of unfoldment through eternity. All the success, happiness and abundance is already yours. All you have to do is relax with yourself and accept the success you already are inside.

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