Before jumping into conclusions and piling up problems over yourself, you should first reach an understanding of what is the reason behind all of your troubles.
When it comes to troubles, there are so many solutions to solve them, some people might prefer running away from them, others would simply ignore the problem entirely and some people will sit down, take their time in reaching the solution of the problem.
While the latter method seems to be the better one, there is something before that you should do. Before jumping into solutions that might not work out you should first reach an understanding of the whole situation.
Understanding the situation before jumping into conclusions and solutions will always show you the right way of seeking the solution.
Think about it using this example, if your child is sick and he has a fever, would you straight out give him a medicine? If you gave him medicine without identifying the sort of sickness he has, his case might not improve and immediately, you would take them to the doctor and check them, take a medicine that the doctor tells you to give and improve their health.

Of course, if you take that example and apply it to the everyday life, you will see plenty of similarities. Sometimes we simply just rush into solutions without identifying the problem from the core. If you identify the problem, then you will be able to reach it and find a solution for it.
But understanding the problem itself could be a very difficult task if you look at it from one perspective. If you look at the problem from one perspective then you will only see the problem. If you see it while you are suffering from any negative feeling then you will not understand how it came along.
Before you rush and think that you have reached the ultimate understanding of the problem, think of the problem from all the possible dimensions. Think of how other people would react to it and think of the reasoning behind it, every single reason. If you are facing a problem at work then take the time to be calm before you start thinking, and when you think about it, do not take overthink every single factor more than once, but from all sides. As long as you understand why this happened, then you will reach an understanding on how the situation should be solved.
If you facing a problem with your family then you should treat it the same way: try to understand why everyone is upset and once you know the reasoning behind every part of the problem, you could start seeking a solution and setting up the plan to satisfy everyone including yourself.

Solutions do not come unless you find the reasoning behind the issues and the reasoning can easily be understood if you are willing to learn and accept the facts. Escaping is never the solution and rushing into solutions that are temporary will only grow the problem larger. Before doing anything, first you need to understand. Understanding is the answer to any question.

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