Air conditioners keep the air cool thus saving us from the hot and humid weather. However, if you see that your aircon fails to keep the room cool, it is time for a service. And if the system does not switch on or if there is no sound and no cool air, you need to call up a technician to repair the appliance. There are some other ways too by which you can understand if a repair service is required or not. These are discussed below.

Airflow is Insufficient

A common sign that your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently is poor airflow.There can be several causes for this such as a blockage preventing the air from moving through your home’s ductwork or a broken motor or clogged air filter or anything else. If you find any of these you need to call up a company that provides air conditioning repairs in Sydney.

As a protip, if you experience insufficient airflow in your home, install an energy-recovery ventilator to give a boost to your air conditioner by exchanging unclean air with fresh air in each cycle. The technicians will inspect your appliance and restore cooling along with the right airflow.

Aircon Repair

Air is Warm

If the appliance is blowing out warm air,you can check the thermostat or the vents. If you see that it is set to cooling mode but there is no cool air,it is time to call the technician as it may be due to compressor failure or any other issue.

Humidity is High

You can expect sticky weather during the spring and summer and your air conditioning system will be able to keep the moisture down in your room.However, if the cooling system is unable to keep the moisture levels in a comfortable range, a repair service is needed. The technicians will inspect your system to detect the issue quickly to check whether the appliance requires re-calibration certain components need to be changed.

Aircon Leaking Water

An air conditioner has a refrigerant for cooling air in the room. However, if you notice that water is pooled into your room, your conditioner has an active leak and needs immediate repair. Leaks can damage the building and may even affect other appliances. So, call a technician who carries out aircon repairs in Sydney immediately if you notice this problem. 

Foul Smell

This is a common problem in many indoors. If you notice a foul smell coming from your air conditioning system, it is time to call a technician. They will do a thorough inspection to tell whether your air conditioner needs a normal service that includes complete cleaning or a component that requires a replacement.

Technicians can also detect and eliminate microbial growth in your air conditioner with the help of UV lamps. At times duct cleaning is also required to solve the odour issues.


If you experience too much noise when your system is on, call the technicians as it might be a problem with a component or any part inside it has become loose.

Since air conditioning is required in the summers, it is essential to call a company that provides air conditioning repairs in Sydney if you face any of the problems mentioned above.

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There are some ways to understand the time to appoint a technician for your air conditioner. You can follow these signs to be sure.