The human brain is composed of billions of cells commonly known as neurons. Brain cells communicate with one another with the use of electricity. When several million neurons combine and send signals at a given time, they produce a large amount of electricity in your brain. The electrical activity can be identified using an EEG or other sensitive medical devices to measure the levels of electricity over the areas of your scalp. ‘Brainwave’ is the term used to describe the electrical activity combinations in your brain, due to its wave-like appearance.

The brain contributes significantly to an individual’s state of mind. Although many people concentrate on their emotions when they make an effort to become more spiritual and happier beings, the subconscious mind and brainwaves play a crucial role in the pursuit of fulfillment. Brainwaves have a deep physical as well as mental impact on people. Listening to music designed specifically to attain a peaceful state of mind can have a considerable effect on the moods and emotions of people. Here, we will take a look at the five frequencies and their effect on the state of mind.

How We Control Our Reality

People often believe that external influences control their reality. In truth, an individual’s reality has nothing to do with exterior stimuli, but is just a perception everyone carries. It is important to realize that your reality consists of your own mindset, thoughts, and beliefs. You can set up your reality with precision and at will by gaining comprehensive knowledge about the various levels of consciousness. The deeper you go, the easier it is to develop an open subconscious mind. The first and most important step towards achieving an open subconscious mind is by understanding the five frequencies related to your brainwaves.

There are five different brainwave frequencies and each of them is measured in Hz (Cycles per Second). Each frequency has its unique series of characteristics that represent a certain brain activity level and its own distinctive conscience.

Beta – the Reasoning and Waking Consciousness Wave (14-40 Hz)

These brainwaves are connected with regular waking consciousness. Beta waves are also associated with an increased state of critical reasoning, logic, and alertness. Although these waves are crucial for you to effectively function in daily life, they also have the potential to convert into restlessness, anxiety, and stress. The sound of Beta brainwaves is described as one of a nagging critic within the mind that increases or decreases depending on how close you are to it. Since many people operate at this specific level, there is no surprise that one of the most common issues today is stress.

Alpha – The Wave of Deep Relaxation (7.5-14 Hz)

These brainwaves can be felt when a person is relaxing deeply, generally with eyes closed, during meditation or when you’re entering into a beautiful daydream. It is the ideal time when the mind can be programmed to achieve success as it also increases your concentration, imagination, learning, visualization, and memory. Alpha brainwaves are considered as the channel to the subconscious mind. It is situated at the bottom of an individual’s conscious awareness and your intuition is the sound of Alpha. It becomes more profound and clearer as you edge closer to 7.5Hz. Jose Silva created a method known to people all over the world today. The Silva Method was designed on the foundation of Alpha power. It helps in achieving a deep relaxation by meditating and uses the power of the brainwave to program your mind in a favorable manner so that you can achieve success.

Theta – The Sleeping and Light Meditation Wave (4-7.5 Hz)

These brainwaves come into the picture during light sleep and deep meditation. During sleep, they are present even when you enter the state of REM dream. It is regarded as the realm of human sub-consciousness as it is only experienced for a few moments when you are falling asleep and waking up after a period of deep sleep. Theta brainwaves are believed to make people experience a deep and meaningful unity and spiritual connection with the universe. The programs that are most deep-seated in your mind are at this brainwave, making it the platform where you can experience exceptional insight, vivid visualizations, profound creativity, and great inspiration. Unlike the other brainwaves, Theta’s elusive sound is silence.

The border of Alpha and Theta (between 7 and 8 Hz) is where your mind starts to experience the best range for programming, visualization and the use of its creative powers. It is the psychological state with which your reality can be consciously created. At the Theta frequency, your body will be deeply relaxing while you will be fully aware of your surroundings.

Delta – The Wave of Deep Sleep (0.5-4 Hz)

Among all the frequencies, this is the slowest and can be experienced when you are in a dreamless state and in deep sleep. It can also be experienced when you are in transcendental and very deep meditation where you are not aware of your surroundings. The unconscious mind is where Delta frequencies appear, serving as a channel to the composite unconscious and universal mind, where the information you receive is not available to the conscious mind. Deep sleep is essential for healing, and Delta is connected with regeneration and deep healing. If deep sleep cannot be achieved on a regular basis, it can be significantly dangerous to a person’s health in several different ways.

Gamma – The Wave of Insight (Over 40 Hz)

The Gamma frequency was discovered recently and is more than 40 Hz, making it the fastest among the lot. They are connected with “feelings of bliss” that are experienced by nuns, monks, and other such mediators. They enable a person’s cognitive functioning to rise to extremely high levels and improve their level of concentration. Gamma brainwaves influence the entire mindset of a person, helping him/her peak physical and mental performance. It puts you in a state of mind where you believe that anything you desire can be achieved.

By programming your mind to follow the desired frequency, you can make significant changes to your life and achieve all your goals and targets.

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Jason Stephenson is the founder of Relax Me Online and has been involved in the meditation/relaxation healing field for the past 15 years. Recently, Jason completed a Diploma with H & H Colleges in QLD Australia for Neuro-Psychological Immunity - a course where Jason says, "I really began to understand the power and connection between health of the mind and body in listening to healing relaxation music." It's Jason's goal that Relax me Online will assist others world-wide to relax, achieve their dreams, begin to meditate and seek out and find the love that is already within. Currently, as well as Operations Manager for Relax Me Online, Jason operates a highly successful eBay crystal and relaxation CD shop at Zen Mans Crystals.