If your child is in the pre school stage this only means one thing- you are done with the terrible 2’s and 3’s. Now, comes a new world for parenting, the pre school age. This is now a whole new different ball game. This is the time when your precious ones are starting to explore.

Pre school ranges from ages 4- 6 years of age, this is what they call the exploratory or the questioning age. Questioning age because your pre school never stops asking the “why” questions- so parents start reviewing you general knowledge if you don’t want to sound foolish in front of your kid.

Preschoolers normally centers around on gaining control over the environment and want to know what their environment is, how it works, how it feels and how they can be a part of it. So, if you see your kid is mangling his toys into pieces this is the reason. This is the age where having gangs begins because your baby is learning the foundation of social development.

Be sure to take advantage of this phase because this is the teachable phase. At this age the pre school kid is like an empty vessel waiting to be filled- up with useful information. During play time, pre schoolers understand the concept of sharing, they like to build and create things and play is simple and imaginative, that is why pre school age is also called “The creative stage”.

Preschoolers play loosely organized group where membership changes readily, as do rules. There are suitable toys for certain age. Right toys for the right age develop the kids’ logical skill. Suitable toys for pre schools are dress-up clothes; dolls; doll house; small trucks; animals; puppets. Painting sets, coloring books, paste, and cutout sets illustrated books to further support their creativity.

Puzzles with large pieces and more shapes to enhance the intellect of your pre school and tricycle, swing, slide, other playground equipment since they are in the pre- gang age and also going to field trips in the museum and parks is also helpful since they love to explore. One very beneficial thing a parent should do is to provide opportunities for play and social activity to develop child’s initiative or purpose.

As parent it is our responsibility to impose discipline to our pre school. Appropriate discipline for a pre school can give way to a healthy stable individual someday. In disciplining a pre school, authority figures must apply discipline fairly, firmly and consistently. The child needs simple explanations why certain behavior is not appropriate.

No shouting necessary. In conflict situation, a short time out (1 minute/year of age) can help the child relieve intensity, regain control and think about his or her behavior. So, if your 5 year old is throwing tantrums a 5-minute face the wall is just right. Bear in mind that during pre school age regular interaction with age mates is a need to help develop social skills.

That is why Preschool Program or “Day Care” was created at this stage because the primary purpose is to foster child’s social skills. There are also some behavioral problems we get to encounter during pre school age these are telling tall tales, brought by over imagination, imaginary playmate are their ways to release tension or anxiety, magical thinking or imaginary thinking, sibling rivalry are seen in 3-4 yrs old; jealousy to newly born baby usually regresses the pre school, they wet their bed, baby talk, thumb suck.

Masturbation, yes, very sorry to say this but they do this as a sign of boredom but this is normal at this stage, you can divert attention by offering a toy. At this stage the they are very much attached to the family and their virtue is purpose. This is the time where parents need to give full time and guidance.

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