What is the Law of Attraction? A simple explanation would be that you get what you are focused on! In other words; when you think a thought, you create a feeling which in turn creates a vibration throughout your cells throughout your body and continues to vibrate that frequency out into the universe. This vibration will attract other vibrations that are of the same or similar frequencies.

By changing your thoughts you can change your feelings which will change the vibration that is resonating out into the universe therefore attracting different people, objects, money’s, places, experiences to you.

The easiest way to create what you desire is to use The Law of Attraction. When you find yourself feeling lack, shift you’re thinking to that of abundance. If you find yourself feeling hopeless, shift you’re thinking to what you imagine a positive thought would be and focus on it. If you find yourself feeling sorry for yourself, have a pity party, then, write a list of 5 or more appreciations and focus on them. When you are feeling anger or impatience shift your thoughts to those of compassion for whom or what you were thinking negative thoughts about.

Remember if your thoughts and feelings are focused on the lack of something, or on doubt of possibility, than the doubt is the vibration that is put out into the Universe and that is what you will attract back to you.

Empowerment begins with clarity, creativity, positive thinking and feeling. Understanding and using The Law of Attraction will allow you to achieve your dreams!

Set your intent to vibrate positively and attract what you want into your life. Always check out how you are feeling after you state that you want. Feeling wonderful is what you are looking for! Here are some affirmations that work:

For Wealth – I am moving towards using my skills in a way that will be fun, fulfilling and really profitable.
For Relationships – I am in the process of having relationships in my life expand into ongoing boundless joy.
For Relationships – I am in the process of attracting the most perfect person to me, who will shower my life with joy, love and boundless pleasure.
For Health – My body supports me with love.
For Compassion – I am Love.

Author's Bio: 

Mara Fisher LCSW, MCC, is a Relationship/Intuitive Coach. She specializes in understanding how we communicate our thoughts, our ideas our goals, and our visions of the future. She is a teacher of The Law of Attraction, women's assertiveness, intuition development, and the founder of Bridge of Life Coaching & Counseling Services.