To really understand ThetaHealing™ the best way is to read the books; ThetaHealing™ & Advanced ThetaHealing™ All That Is or even take a class.

The Main thing to know about ThetaHealing™ is it is a technique that teaches you to connect to the Creator; the spirit that intertwines and binds all things in existence. The energy that is all around us, so anyone who is ready to learn can.

* Breath deeply, Slow your breathing down before you do a reading
* Avoid saying the word Try you either do or don’t subconscious knows when you say try
* Smile when you do a reading
* Have Fun
* Trust the Creator and yourself

When you use ThetaHealing™ in your life you are taking control of your life and this is your opportunity to make your life what you want.

For Thousands of years, Humankind has recognized that healing Miracles really do happen… Miracles of physical, emotional and spiritual healing happen to people of all faiths and every race……every single day.

Vianna Stibal, International Teacher, Healer, and Founder ThetaHealing™ and the ThetaHealing™ Institute of Knowledge (THInK), has devoted her life to teaching every person under the creators stars, how they too can heal themselves, their families and their friends, just as she has done.

Vianna’s seminal book, ThetaHealing™, introduced the world to the attainable miracle of Theta Brain waves that focus the healing energies possessed by you and everyone on our Earth.

Now, Vianna’s latest manual, Advanced ThetaHealing, brings ThetaHealers™, Teachers and ThetaMasters to a new level of understanding of this Attainable miracle for your life. To learn about ThetaHealing™, to download or order Vianna’s books, or to register for summer 2009 ThetaHealing™ classes at the ThetaHealing™ Institute of Knowledge contact THInK and check out the site.

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Hello, My name is Scott Lawler, welcome to ThetaHealing Global. My background is in Holistic Healing and the Teaching of ThetaHealing as well as several other modalities.

After retiring from the US Navy, I studied in a variety of therapeutic, spiritual, environmental, and nutritional areas looking for my niche. Realizing my potential from various healing leaders I threw myself into these areas and have never looked back. These wonderful experiences became the turning point in my life and those individuals I continue to come in contact with.