We are a nation of people who have all kinds of toxins wandering the highways and byways of our bodies. But what does it mean to say "it's toxic?" Toxicity means that whatever that something is, it has the ability to damage your cellular function. Toxicity damages the little fuel factories inside our cells so that we are unable to produce as much energy. Toxicity also damages our genetic repair mechanism. Mitochondria are the primary energy source of our cells. They convert nutrients into energy as well as regulate the energy in our bodies. For example, the heart has 5,000 mitochondria per cell, and biceps have 200 per cell. The slower they break, and the faster they are repaired, the more we thrive. In other words, eliminating as many toxic substances from your body as possible will ensure your cells are well-protected from damage, and that when cell damage occurs, your body has the resources to repair itself as soon as humanly possible! Pesticides & Herbicides When pesticides and herbicides were invented, 37 percent of North America's crops were being destroyed by pests. Now, 57+ years later, more than 37 percent are being destroyed. It seems that the insect world is coping with toxins far better than human beings are managing. Some of the toxins that are in pesticides kill those pests by damaging their cellular function. This damage could happen in the brain, nervous system, or anywhere else in a body's immune system. These chemicals work because they're toxic. Unfortunately, we have enough in common with insects that we become damaged, too, when we ingest traces of these substances in our food. Hormone masqueraders damage our cellular function. Shortening Our Lifespan We have prided ourselves on being a nation of long-lived people, but this is changing, too. Many medical institutions are not expecting children to live as long as their parents because of obesity and toxicity due to the standard North American diet. No matter what your problem is - whether your toe hurts or you're tired, or you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) - it's likely that it is all related to poor diet and high toxicity levels in the body. We are also suffering from heavy metal toxicity...which we can actually do something about. And if there's something we can do something about, this takes the burden off, and your repair systems stand a better chance of working to reverse cellular damage. Toxins put stress on all of our body's systems from digestion, respiratory, and our dermal, to liver, kidney, and immune system functioning. Why not make sure all systems are a go! HL4Y's, Safe & Easy 3 in 1 FIT Premium System Complete detoxification - cleansing program will go a long way toward ridding your body of toxins.

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Whether you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle or overcome an illness, Craig Jacobs & Healthier Living 4 You, offers you educational health information and wonderful health products. After Craig's mother (Beverly Jacobs) was healed from their 3 in 1 FIT - Detox Foot Bath in 2003 from an overloaded body full of heavy metals which caused her chronic fatigue, depression and very painful joints Healthier Living 4 You was born. There are 4 simple things you can do to live a healthy life very easily. First, start eating a healthy alkaline diet, drink good clean alkaline water, detox your body on a regular basis and exercise daily. To learn more on their products by going to http://www.healthierliving4you.com these are products every household needs! For some great health tips visit their blog at http://www.hl4y.com