Unemployed? Try Working From Home

I've been reading and watching the news and doing my usual research. Like most Americans I'm concerned about this prolonged unemployment issue. Everywhere I go I hear people talking about how they wish that they had a job. I can relate. I was affected by this too but found a way out. I ran across an article on the Huffington Post about unemployment in the African-American community. Quite naturally with me being an African-American I was disturbed by the statistics that were mentioned in the article, yet amazed at how hesitant people are to even call me back when I enlighten them about the possibility of working from home. Just about everyone is enthusiastic at first but never follows through. Wake up people! I've worked for a few different companies and have been offered employment by quite a few and I can tell you with great certainty that if you look and venture out a little you can find a job in this industry.

One thing that saddens me within my community is that it seems most of the African-Americans I talk to are only window-dressing when it comes to finding a job. If you are really that broke how can you be so picky about working from home? I hear people say "that's not enough money." That amazes me considering that the starting wage is usually close to what they have traditionally made. What really gets me is the young adults of today. If you don't have a ton of experience, here's a chance to gain some.

If I come off as frustrated I won't apologize because I really am. I've seen too few African-Americans involved in this industry. I've had jobs in which there were 25 people in training, and I've been the only African-American in the bunch. It isn't a matter of being qualified; it's a matter of initiative. People (African-American and every other ethnicity) look at working from home like it's some sort of myth. It's not Bigfoot; it really does exist!

In this economic climate, if you can't flourish then sit back and come up with Plan B. If you're not having much success with the traditional job market, then the work-at-home industry should be your Plan B. Consider a work-at-home position until you get the traditional job you really want. There are hundreds of companies seeking qualified people. Heck, some companies just need bodies to take calls. Remember: survival isn't about being comfortable and cushy. You do what is necessary to keep the bills paid. If you can't flourish then survival should definitely be a high priority. Give the work at home industry a shot.

Author's Bio: 

William Jackson specializes in telecommuting and maintains a website at www.workfromhomesurvivalguide.com