Many reasons causing obesity in modern life, people always blame the rising rates of obesity high-calorie diet, popular range of refined foods, lack of exercise and modern it is generally too much pressure and many other factors. Some other things might soon be added to this list to, for example, lighting the night, cold, air conditioning, which seems far-fetched to listen to an alternative word.

Night lighting
Recently, according to Ohio University study found that even if the re-illumination at night can lead to a weak increase a person's weight. Even a balanced diet and active exercise can not be avoided.

However, humans have electric lighting, many people will only eat the main meal in the evening, which, like mice and eat during the day; many nutrition experts believe that eating late is one of the factors of increased weight. When to eat, and eat what may be as important.

Lack of sleep
Obesity is most likely. Less than 4 hours of sleep every day people, obese than normal people sleep more likely to increase 73%. Studies show that people who sleep less, the body should promote high levels of the appetite factor.

Friends and relatives
Obesity also 'infected.' If a person's friend is fat, then he will increase the likelihood of suffering from obesity 57%. The reason is, if your friend or relative obesity, will change a person accept the standard of reasonable weight, affect his diet and lifestyle.

A total of overweight and obesity there are 2 million people, three people are overweight have an obese. Obesity is a major threat to people affected by chronic diseases, Professor Chen Junshi proposed to prevention, from the source control in patients with chronic diseases ... China has more than two hundred million overweight and obese people, by the chronic threat.

Air Conditioning
Mechanism for regulating heat disruption. Let us always stay in air-conditioned constant temperature environment, so we do not regulate their body heat. However, if the temperature is low, our body will automatically burn fat to keep warm; if the weather is very hot, and our appetite is reduced. People who use air conditioning, heat regulating mechanism of obstruction, more likely to be obese.

The virus can increase the fat. The researchers found that a cold and sore throat caused by viruses can lead to obesity, the virus can rapidly increase the body's fat cells.

Variants lead to higher body weight. British scientists have found a way to adjust the amount of body fat gene variants. Have this gene variant who did not this gene variant than the average weight of 1.2 kg.

Control hunger. Scientists pointed out that there is a body of leptin, also known as anti-obesity factor, is to reduce hunger in the main hormone, which controls our food preferences. Lack of leptin in people like all of the food, and eat a lot, so eventually become super fat.

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