Medical tourism aka medical or health care travel is a term initially coined by a number of travel agencies and gradually followed by mass media to describe the practice of travelling an international destination to obtain healthcare. It’s now common knowledge that US health care spending is erroneous making the country highly uncompetitive in health care industry. Still average American doesn’t get what he/she shells out in the first place. This indeed has unfolded a bunch of service providers facilitating low cost medical and surgical procedures in overseas location like India, Thailand, Mexico, Singapore and China etc.

Despite criticisms medical tourism as an industry has flourished over the time serving millions and has proved to be a scalable alternative to the overly burdened healthcare sector. So on a generic note questions arises is it the future? Let’s analyze in brief.

Cost matters: There is a substantial variation of cost of medical/surgical procedures across countries and having chosen a low cost health tourism package you can save hefty.

Opposition: Fewer US physicians are now opposing flying abroad than before reason being these medical tourism destinations not only offer at par service, but also undertakes the service with little or no regulatory framework.

Bad mouthing: Unlike any other industry medical tourism is not an exception to censure. There are a few cautionary pronouncements going round the corner but what matters most is its ability to help millions who are not akin to paying out huge medical bills.

Medicine is a global profession: This is apparent. You have the choice of availing the services of medical and dental surgeons from JCI accredited hospitals across the countries. Despite of a diverse cultural set up and geographical location they mostly follow a universal standard of service delivery assuring quality.

You are not the one: Off course you are not alone to adopt medical tourism services. It’s more than a theory that because my peer is flying overseas it’s a great idea to follow. You do have more than enough scope to evaluate the available health tourism deals. Be rest assured that you will figure out appealing choices.

Caution is better: Travelling a third world country for health care is not always an awful idea. You must note that you are going to avail a health care network designed by American professionals and for the American people, though you must take the assistance of a recognized medical tour agency that has a proven history.

Key fact: The stories of a $100,000 surgery performed for $10,000/$20,000 abroad are real. Orthopedic and cardiovascular procedures are particularly active areas for medical travel because the surgeries are inexpensive, have well-developed outcomes measures and limited or highly defined post-operative rehabilitation.

Added advantage: JCI approved off shore hospitals meets or exceeds American standards. The hospital staffs are experienced, receptive and equipped with best medical facilities to cater your pre and post medical care.

It comes in a package: Your medical tourism packages cover a `bunch of services including travel, surgical, post surgical costs. In a few cases you even get a hold of add-ons like sightseeing and exploring the culture of the country. If your medical tourism facilitator lacks one or few don’t hesitate to explore with them.

Medical tourism is an emerging phenomenon that has important implications for participants in the US health care system. Next time before taking the costly services of a US hospital do invest time exploring your medical tourism options. Believe us it would be a great idea as well.

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