Since the day when you first know what is your name? You were surely thought about what does that mean and from where it is originated. Meaning and origin of your name are vital; there are many versatile names origins all across the globe. If you would like to find out the meaning or origin of any of the names, you can simply search over the internet, as there are some sites that could tell from where your name has been originated.
Chinese baby names have become appealing to many American parents in the recent years because they sound beautiful and typically have beautiful meanings too. In addition, they are very rare but this probably will not be the case for long considering the rising popularity of rare and less common names. Just like the Americans, the Chinese try to choose a good name with a good meaning for their child. Male names are often related to desired virtues or physical characteristics such as strength and nobility, while baby girl names are usually related to beauty.

Spanish baby names originate from nature, historical origin, derived from place names, names of flowers etc. The important fact about the Spanish names for girls who carry their names as the names of his brothers which are followed by the surnames of their husbands.

Most Dutch baby names are derived from the names of the Christian saints and Biblical characters. These became popular after Christianization in the Middle Ages when the Old Germanic names were largely replaced by Latin or Dutch versions of the Christian names which in turn are mostly of Hebrew origin. Babies in the Netherlands were traditionally named after their relatives – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., while the religion had and still has a major influence on the selection of the name as well.

Despite the fact that Egyptian baby names are famous worldwide, they remain uncommon in the United States. On the other hand, they are not particularly common in modern Egypt either because the country is mostly Muslim, while the Muslims typically give their babies Arabic names. Nevertheless, many Egyptian baby names sound beautiful and evoke the image of the mighty Egyptian pharaohs and other famous ancient Egyptians who were either real historical figures or mythological characters.

English baby names are very popular in the United States and, of course, in England as well. Interestingly, many of the top most popular baby names in England are not of English origin but of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Germanic, etc. This, however, is not only a result of the rising popularity of foreign names and a tension towards greater individualism in the recent years. The most popular names in England until the 19th century were Mary for girls and John or William for boys.

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