Before she walks down the aisle, shower the bride to be with the essentials she will need as a married woman. Invite all her close friends and family. Let your creativity take the charge and you will find a plethora of ideas to prepare or design the ideal invitations for your bridal shower featuring bridal silhouettes, wedding dresses, gift boxes, floral patterns, bridesmaid dresses, wedding cakes, floral borders and wedding rings… all theme based essentials for her shower before the big day.

Bridal shower invitations do not need to be formal. As this event is organized by the bridesmaids for her near and dear ones, the invitations can also be informal. These informal invitations could consist of poetry, funny names, cartoon characters, animations, sparkly colors and fancy fonts. There are some established formats of bridal shower invitations. These are:

  • We cordially invite you…
  • Please join us…
  • We would be pleased to have your company…
  • We would be pleased to have you join us…
  • You are invited!!
  • Bridal Shower for…
  • You are cordially invited…
  • We request the pleasure of your attendance…

    You can add many more formats or can use a few lines from a poem suitable to the occasion or write one yourself. More innovative bridal shower ideas can assist in writing or making an invitation card yourself creates a lasting impression on the guests and the bride is sure to remember it for her lifetime.

    There are various types of designs available on the internet. You can customize these cards according to your preferences and make a unique card yourself.

    Unforgettable bridal shower invitations can be prepared if you follow the simple tips given:

  • Popups – Come on girls, popups are not just for school children. Besides, for Bridal Shower Invitation cards, you can keep popups like hearts, wedding bells, and doves or frankly, any other loveydovey girly stuff… the guests will just love them!!
  • Embellishments – Go for them. Elegant rhinestone or pearl embellishments lend that oh-so-adorable classy look to the invitations.
  • Personal Touch – Don’t forget to add a personal touch. Like the photograph of the bride and the groom, the first song that they ever danced on, etc. That will certainly add warmth to the event.
  • Pure Supplies – Use recycled pare and biodegradable materials for invitation cards. You can use dried flowers, herbs which smell incredible and are eco-friendly too!
  • Handmade Invitations – These would be extremely personal and would be cherished by every guest throughout the life. These are ideal for a small group. You can add an anecdote of the guest with the bride or their photograph together and send a personal message inviting them to the shower. It would be an instant hit and people will contact you for the tips!!

    Sample Bridal Shower Invitation Wordings

  • We would be please to have your company at the Bridal Shower honoring Barbara King on 5th Jan, 2012 1100hrs in the morning at 4836 Clay Lick Road Westminster, CO 80030 RSVP to Megan Banks 7206701377 only by 28th Dec, 2011 Barbara is registered at A.J. Madison.

  • Please join us for the Wedding Shower
    in the honor of Rose Carlson
    Brian Young

    on 26th Jan, 2012
    1300hrs in the afternoon
    3147 Clinton Street
    Philadelphia,PA 19103
    Regrets Only to Judith Williams
    4849751362 only by 12th Jan, 2011
    Your time is 1800hrs

  • You are invited!!
    To the Lingerie Bridal Shower
    Melanie Carlton (34 B)
    1600hrs on 13th Jan, 2012
    2880 Old Dear Lane
    Marlboro, NY 12542
    RSVP to Carrie Young

  • Please join us to the
    Beach Bridal Shower
    Patricia Barnett
    1130hrs on 17th Jan, 2012
    2396 Oak Avenue
    Roselle, IL 60172
    Regrets Only to Natalie Black

    Similarly, you can design your own invitation wordings and formats and create a unique invitation card. Get going.

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    Smith Baker is bridal shower planner currently on the hop with unique ideas to be well planned and executed to make your bridal shower memorable. Bridal shower planning is as important as managing the bash. If you plan well, the bridal shower, it will be very easy for you to make all required arrangements.