Unhealthy semen or abnormalities in semen lead to infertility in men. According ayurveda unhealthy semen is known as dooshita shukra. When vitiated doshas affect semen, the semen loses its ability to fertilize egg.

The semen and its contents are referred as “beeja” in ayurveda. The Sanskrit word “Beeja” denotes seed. Acharya Charaka while explaining semen and its vitiation by doshas, gives the following example.

Yathaa beejamkaalaambukrimikeetagnidooshitam |
Na virohati samdushtam tathaa shukram shareerinaam ||

This denotes that “The seeds of plants loose their potency when affected by altered climate, insects, forest fires and non availability of water. Like wise the beeja (semen and sperms) in human beings get affected by doshas and loses its potency to produce offspring.”

When vitiated vayu affects semen, the semen becomes frothy, thin and loses its stickiness. The volume of semen decreases and semen becomes thin. The sperm count reduces and the ejaculation is painful.

The semen affected by vitiated pitta looks yellow in colour and has offensive odor. The ejaculation is accompanied with burning sensation in penis. In this condition number of healthy sperms reduces.

When vitiated kapha affects semen, it increases stickiness of semen and takes long time to liquefy. The motility of sperms get affected due to presence of kapha.

Some times due to injury in genital tract and increased sexual intercourse lead to ejaculation of semen with blood stains

Vayu which gets aggravated due to suppression of sexual urge causes clumping of semen. This type of semen is known as “avasaadi” type of semen in ayurveda.

Signs of pure semen: According to Acharya Charaka the pure semen is described as

“ Snigdham ghanam picchilam cha madhuram chaavidaahi cha ||
Retaha shuddham vijaaneeyaacchavettam sphatikasannibham |”

The semen which is thick, sticky, sweet, pearly white and ejaculated without any irritation has to be considered as pure semen.

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