Unified Communication integrates all the enterprise communication services which include instant messaging, present information, voice and IP telephony, desktop sharing, data sharing, call control, speech recognition, audio, web, and video conferencing. With its share of advantages, the market for Unified Communications is expected to grow massively in upcoming years. There’s no denying that Unified Communications is constantly changing the modern workplace environment, and with the introduction of new tools, workplaces are relying more and more on UC platform. So, here we are listing out few trends that we can expect to see shortly.

As the already built IT infrastructure at most of the companies was mainly built for data exchange and processing, not for voice, video or collaboration. So, at first most of the companies will struggle to adopt to the cloud-based Unified Communication. A fully functional a UC requires entirely new and different technology infrastructure, most of the organizations have started to work round the clock to integrate voice communication into the already present IT infrastructure.
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