With all the to and fro of the holiday season, the shopping, the wrapping, the celebrating, the card addressing, not to mention the preparation of the house and the grocery runs back and forth for all the last minute selections, it is no wonder that some days just don’t equate into what you were hoping for in the exercise department.

If these kinds of days haven’t found their way to your front doorstep yet, aren’t you lucky; if they have you know exactly what I’m talking about. No worries. Take a deep breath and acknowledge to yourself that things don’t always go the way you planned and that’s life. In no way, shape or form am I implying that you blow off your daily physical activity, but what I am suggesting is that you cut yourself some slack when approaching and dealing with certain times of the year and special events. Being hard on yourself when time gets the best of you and digging a hole of defeat isn’t what we are searching for. Below you will find some simple, straightforward directions and suggestions about positive ways to go about skipping one or two or three days of movement due to your event-filled calendar.

~Recognize the fact that these interruptions in your habit-forming schedule are not going to be for an indefinite amount of time and you will get your schedule back to normal in no time flat.

~Make a list of all the valid reasons why today may just not be the day to hit that Spin class of yours or join your walking group after work. The more thoroughly aware you are of why exercise doesn’t fit into your schedule the better able you are to stay in a positive state of mind.

~Prepare, prepare, prepare. We are all imperatively aware that if you have a plan of action you are one hundred percent more apt to be successful and capable at following through to the best of your ability regarding exercise.

~Go easy on yourself; be kind and considerate of your needs at busy times of your life like these. The last thing we are aiming for is to dig yourself into a proverbial hole, throw in the towel and forget about all the wonderful things you have already progressed toward. Be realistic.

~Ask for help and do not assume all the responsibilities of the season. Vocalize what you need, want and long for in the assistance department.

~Practice the art of saying “no.” Why not de-stress the season by turning down commitments, obligations and happenings that are not behooving of your mental and physical health.

Keep in mind that as you travel along your life path there are always going to be things that attempt to step into your path and derail your plans. What you are in the midst of creating is a sensible, workable reality toward living a healthier, lighter life and that entails having a realistic balance.

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