When it comes to bedroom design for teens then it is the teens that are best placed to answer about their preferred design of bedrooms. If you ask an adult person about the choice of the teens then they might not be able to tell the correct bedroom design that is apt for the teenagers.

This is the reason why designers generally inquire the teenagers regarding their choice of a suitable bedroom design. After doing a comprehensive research on the preferred bedroom design ideas of teenagers, I have zeroed down on 3 most desired bedroom designs for both teen boys and girls. My selected designs are explained below:

A) Bedroom Design Ideas for Teen Boys:
Some of the most popular ideas of bedroom design for boys are:

i. Galaxy Themed Bedroom Design – Teen boys usually have an inclination towards imagining about outer space. Hence, giving a makeover to your teen boy’s bedroom in accordance with the galaxy and outer space theme would be a cool gift to him. Today’s teens think of planets, stars, constellations and other extraterrestrial objects. Thus, having these galaxy images along with a glowing dark theme can really heighten the mood of your teen boy.

ii. Cowboy Styled Bedroom Design – Teens usually get obsessed with the Wild West. The country side, cowboys and anything related to the Wild West is the matter of fantasy for most of the teen age boys. If your teenage boy also has such type of fascination then you can design his bedroom with a cowboy style. You can place images of horses, paint fences and consequently give a ranch theme to the bedroom design. The most appropriate colour combination for this type of bedroom design includes blue along with splashes of red.

iii. Nautical Themed Bedroom Design – When we were teens, we used to get fascinated with the tales of voyages. We used to find the stories of pirates and voyagers to be thrilling. In fact, this trend among the teenagers has not changed till date. Still the boats, ships, submarines and sailors fascinate the teenagers. Thus, the perfect theme for these teenage boys is a nautical theme.

B) Bedroom Design Ideas for Teen Girls:
Some of the most popular ideas of bedroom design for girls are:

i. Princess Styled Bedroom Design Ideas – Teenage girls always fantasize themselves as princess. In fact, most of the loving fathers and mothers consider their girl child as their own princess. Thus, giving a princess themed design to the teenage girl’s bedroom will the sweetest ever gifts that you can give to your princess. In fact, teenage girls too consider themselves as the princess in their own right and consider their bedroom as their guarded castle. To make this fantasy come alive, apply a range of feminine colors (like pink, lilac, etc.) to the bedroom of your baby. Adding sparkle to the room will give a dreamy ambience to the bedroom design.

ii. Floral Themed Bedroom Design – Most teen girls love the appearance of flowers. So, giving a floral theme to the bedroom design will be absolutely perfect.

iii. Hollywood Glamour to Bedroom Design – Every girl wishes to become a star of Hollywood and dazzle the world with her charm. Hence, bedroom design can be given a look of the Hollywood with Walk of Fame on the walls and floor of the bedroom. To give a feel of the celebrity status, the name of the teenage girl can be put at the middle of the bedroom design theme.

You can try these bedroom design ideas that are most popular among teens.

Author's Bio: 

Derick Branson is a renowned interior designer and is associated with this industry for more than a decade. He gives consultation service on bedroom designing in accordance with the specific requirements. In this article he has given information on different - bedroom design - ideas that are appropriate for the teenage boys and girls.