There are some tips that party planners will tell you are always useful for coming up with unique birthday party ideas. Start by creating a surprise party theme board of what you want your party to be. On this theme board you can come up with surprise party ideas and make sure that everything fits together within a perfect theme. Brainstorm ideas with friends of the person you are planning the party for. Then you can develop your ideas further with colour coordination and decoration or prop ideas.

A Special Time for Guest

Don't just think about the birthday girl or boy but think about how you can make unique birthday party ideas an experience for the guests too. Get them to save up each for a one-off gift for the birthday recipient and let them all watch as it is unveiled. They could sign a unique party piece like an electric guitar or engrave an iPad, all soon to be treasured items. Send the guests away with favours, like sweets they can eat on the way back home or an engraved trinket that will always remind them of the event and one that will be useful too, like a photo frame or a silver spoon. Design a cookie favour and personalize them for guests. Involve guests in your unique birthday party ideas – have them give speeches, make their favourite or best dishes

1. Planning a surprise party does take imagination but just as much as that it takes organisation. Plan your unique birthday party ideas well in advance, such as the location, caterers, type of music and guest invitations. Send out the invitations all at once so people who were invited but whose invitation has not arrived yet do not feel left out. Use common courtesy in the invitations but make sure you let guests know it will be a surprise party if it is one. You don't want someone letting the cat out of the bag.

2. Keeping communication channels open at all times with party professionals like caterers will ensure that any emergency situation can be resolved quickly, especially important with the added complication of coming up with surprise party ideas. Remember organising a big day successfully is all in the details: think about transport, lighting, flowers and balloons, not just about catering or music.

Gift Experience Days

These are becoming ever more popular for inspiration for unique birthday party ideas. Try looking in shops or online for the right kind of experiences. Photo-shoots can make for a nice gift experience – let the VIP guest attend his or her themed photo-shoot and then blow up the photo produced to be displayed at the party later on.A driving experience like for example driving Ferrari, Porsche or doing Rally Driving are all unique experiences as is flying through gliding or by taking control of a small plane.Try a variety of water sports. Or pamper your birthday girl with a spa day or shopping trip. Cultural experiences like going out to see a play or musical will always be popular, but what about taking your guest on the Orient Express or for a historical tour of London or a tour of where they have always lived in their local area? Surprise party ideas can come as much from exotic locations as from your locality.

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