Islam is the most practiced religion in the world. Muslims are present in almost every region of the world and practicing the teaching of Islam. Islam has the complete code of life. It is the best and unique religion in the world. It is the Question asked by the number of people that how Islam is the unique religion of the world or what are the unique features of Islam. So today I am here to throw some light on unique features of Islam they are as follows,

Uniqueness in its names:

The word "Islam" is an Arabic word which means "complete submission to the will of Allah Almighty". Other religions are named after their founders, such as Christianity and Buddhism. Some are named after a tribe such as Judaism. And some are named after the geographical region such as Hinduism.

The name of Islam represents its point of view on life and reflects its universal nature. The name of no other religion carries any significant message, or conveys the true sense of its outlook on life, as does the name "Islam".

Continuity of the Message

From the First day of the universe up till now, the rules, regulation, and message of Islam do not change. There is a continuity of the message of Islam from the first Prophet to the last Prophet and up till now. Hajj Packages For 22 Nights for Muslims are available now and Hajj is a big pillar of Islam that makes Islam unique. That is oneness of Allah, Complete submission to Allah Almighty, bow down to Allah only. Islam is truly unique among the religions of the world because it is addressed to all of the mankind. In the Quran, there is repeated address to all human beings by saying and, in the Quran, Almighty God is never addressed as the lord of a particular people or nation but for all.

A Straightforward Concept of God

Unique among the religions of the world, the concept of God in Islam is completely based on Divine Revelation not on the marred by myths, superstitions or man-made philosophical ideas. But on facts and figures. Almighty God has clearly revealed His unique nature and qualities to man in a clear way. While other religions are mixed with man-made doctrines with revelations, or they ignored the divine revelation almost completely.
These are the things which make the Islam different from the other religions, No-doubt Islam is a pure religion and has the message of Allah Almighty in its pure form. We must thank Allah Almighty that he makes us born in the Islam society. We must bow down to Allah only and thanks him for the everything he bestowed on us. There is no better place for thanking, Allah other than in his own house.

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