Planning to invest in a good choice pool cleaner, choose the best. There are many brands at online retail stores and the best brand is the Hayward navigator cleaner. This company is well known for its affordable and high quality pool cleaning equipments. This is regarded to be the best from Hayward.

Hayward Navigator Features:
Hayward navigator cleaners are the right pool products offering a perfect product in the market. This is an advanced model coming with the facility of mapping the swimming pool contours and also to facilitate cleaning. The best point is that the cleaning process happens without manual labor or intervention. The other features of pool cleaners include:

• Smart Drive integrated program ensuring effective and fast navigation of cleaner. This technology employs water force to gear the device taking right and left twists and also ascertains thorough and systematic pool cleaning.
• The gearing or turbine system ascertains balanced and constant water flow, besides smooth movement through the pool walls and bottom.
• It ensures removal of debris, dry leaves, twigs, pollen, pebbles and sand from the pool filter and bottom. The Hayward navigator cleaners are good in areas inclined to storms.
• It has injection molded components in plastic that is used in pool cleaners and it ensures low maintenance and long life.
• The products are easily installed and the device can be assembled within few minutes.
• Pool cleaners have two years warranty period for all the components, except for its parts like flaps, wings and shoes that are easy to get damaged.

The Hayward Navigator cleaner is a device for the pool materials that are in tile, vinyl and fiberglass. However, as there are different models of Hayward cleaners, it can be made suitably available based on the swimming pool types. Yet, if you wish to make a true investment on pool cleaner, it is worth considering the best such as Navigator cleaner of Hayward.

Hayward is regarded to be the finest manufacturers of swimming pool cleaners. The Navigator pool cleaners are great in scuttling the bottom of the pool, its walls and steps, vacuuming so that there are no leaves, twigs, bacteria, dirt, insects, sand, algae and other foreign objects crossing the path. The Navigator cleaner offers a feel of using your pool double as a bathtub. It has unique features making it an efficient cleaner and it picks easily everything from the pool and this includes even pebbles.

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Luke is an independent pool supply consultant who writes content for pool supply 360 and share useful information about pool products and equipment like Navigator cleaner, Hayward Navigator cleaner, etc.