The four men in my life are all true characters, and about as different as four people can be. Finding unique gifts for men who are themselves uniquely individual is an exercise for my most creative self. After all, I want my favorite guys to be excited and happy when they open their presents, thrilled with my brilliant choices.

Don is a divotype: wealthy, able to supply himself (and already has) all the decorations and toys for success. He is the man who has everything. What could I possibly give him that he doesn't already have? He is definitely my biggest challenge. It has occurred to me to give him a month's meditation on a mountain peak in Tibet. It may be a gift he really needs, but is it a gift he wants? Even if I could afford it, he would probably dismiss it as boring. Typically, I've given him clothes: cashmere (always appropriate), Ralph Lauren sports jackets, well-tailored shirts. This year, his gift should be different, a "spot on" unique choice.

Kyle is another matter. Rather, his nature is blasé about everything except for certain interests that include: gardening, cooking, some aspects of design. He is also fine with these things, so pleasing him with an interesting and unique gift requires a great deal of thought and endless searching. Sooner or later, however, I know that I will find the gift that will put a big smile on his face. In my quest for unique gifts for men, Kyle presents some interesting challenges.

Sean is the sportsman. He is not interested in clothes, though he needs them badly. With his excellent physique and great looks, he could easily land on the cover of GQ. When I give him clothes, he dutifully takes them and makes them feel amazing, but I know he's just humiliating me. He would much rather be in his shorts and shirt at $ 3 job, hiking or playing golf. So maybe clothing is not the ideal choice for Sean. It's a shame because he's so much fun to dress up. Maybe I can find some camping equipment he hasn't already, or maybe never heard of. But it is doubtful.

Tad is the group's bookworm. I know that if I can find the right subject to join him, an intellectual challenge, a book will remain him. But which book did Tad not read? It's always a gamble. I once gave him a book of quotes that he had a lot of fun with. But there must be something other than books that will sway his imagination. After all, I don't want to be repetitive and predictable.

The gift that does not excite the recipient is not a successful gift. The perforating gift is not worth giving. Funny thing is that I never have so much trouble finding exciting gifts for my female family members and friends. I guess it's a matter of being able to relate to certain things yourself. I know that if I love it, she will love it. But men? An entirely different thing. Who knows what will capture their imagination and delight them? Therefore, my endless search for unique gifts for men that are just the right gifts

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The gift that does not excite the recipient is not a successful gift.