The decision of what gifts to give the people in your life is always a tricky one. As soon as a holiday rolls around, be it their birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or another special day, the gifting anxiety can creep in. You want your gift to be special, hence the panic as you walk through the mall or start searching your favorite online stores. But it starts to feel that the gifts you’re finding are generic or “been there, done that”. Your loved one is special, so naturally, you want them to receive unique gifts which reflect their colorful personality.

The Personalized Gift Checklist

One way to make a gift unique is to have it personalized. That sounds easy in theory but can become incredibly daunting in practice. And while dropping a bunch of cash on a gift seems foolproof, I’ll revert back to the wisdom of the long-standing cliche: it’s the thought that counts.

But for all the cliches in the world, none of them explain exactly how to select the perfect gifts to give. Have no fear! Here’s a personalized gift idea checklist for you to follow when you’re completely stumped:

  1. Identify the role that the recipient plays in your life.
  2. Brainstorm a few reasons why they are special to you and why you love them so much.
  3. List their top five most important interests. (Tackle that niche market like a boss!)
  4. List three things that they absolutely hate. (It is just as important to note which unique gifts to avoid as which unique gifts which would be incredible.)
  5. Brainstorm three activities that you do together or hobbies that you share. (This can be anything from yoga to cooking to karaoke.)

Now you have at least five categories to choose from, which is much better than infinitely many. Next, choose your two ultimate favorites (remember, gift giving can be fun for the giver too). Come up with a few doable ideas in each of the two categories. Finally, pick your favorite and run with it! Don’t forget the personal touch is everything. Here are some of our favorite unique gift ideas.

Unique Gift Ideas for Loved Ones in Your Life

If your loved one is an artist, Budsies are the perfect gift to give! Budsies creates custom stuffed animals from art which is perfect for the doodler or the professional artist! Budsies brings any sketch, monster, scribble, or creative craft to life. Your loved one’s artwork will quite literally turn into a super cuddly stuffed animal that they will love forever. This is great both for kids and adults and shows just how much you support their creative endeavors.

A reusable water bottle is a great gift option for a gym rat, especially if you decorate it using fun tape, colorful markers, or whatever else you can find to make this the perfect personalized gift. This option is affordable but still shows just how much you truly care.

DIY skincare is all the rage right now. They are amazing unique gifts that you can make for your loved one who likes to stay in and cuddle up with a good book. They can apply your handmade products and simply unwind from the day. You can create a lip scrub out of just honey and sugar and put it into cute mason jars. Your DIY gift will be a hit.

For those with a pet-lover in our midst (there’s always at least one), there’s a company called Petsies which makes handmade stuffed animals of pets. These are the most creative gifts for animal lovers. Petsies are made from hyper-realistic faux furs and are airbrushed to match all the pet’s markings. Petsies are a one-of-a-kind gift that your loved one won’t forget.

Make the Gift All About Them

The only surefire way to envision the best gifts to give is to focus on the recipient. There are hundreds of ideas out there, each one just as fun for you to give as it is for your loved one to receive. Unique gifts make us feel special. They make us feel as though we are cared for and understood. Give the gift of love and get personal! They will definitely appreciate it.

Author's Bio: 

Camille Dufont is a freelance guest blogger. You can usually find her curled up with a book in the backyard or dancing the night away!