The amazing Argan oil is full of antiaging antioxidants and that is one of the reasons why the Argan oil is a potent anti aging oil. For one it is hugely rich in vitamin A and also has a very high content of vitamin E. Being rich in the omega oils it makes it great internal oil too and can be used in salads and for cooking.

Some of the benefits for the skin are that it helps reduce fine lines and nourishes dry and damaged skin. Argan oil is idea; for aging or mature skins, it will penetrate deeply and moisturise, protect, replenish and nourish Due to its rich content of protein, it helps to tighten the skin and protect skin’s elasticity.

The oil also contains with beautifying ingredients like phenols, carotenes and essential fatty acids, and it contains over 70% oleic & linoleum acids. The great thing about Argan is that it’s not very greasy oil and is seen to be wonderful for frizzy hair. In fact most women use the oil for both skin and hair conditioning.

A few drops warmed on the fingertips are needed to moisturise and protect the complexion including the delicate skin under the eyes. Argan oil is ideal as a skin protector in cold weather and to soften dry patches anywhere on the body. Many pregnant women like to use Aragn oil to help prevent scars and stretch marks. It helps hydrate the skin and is seen to beneficial for dry skin patches. It helps speed up skin regeneration and protects the skin from the elements.

Oiling the skin and hair is has been part of women’s’ lives in Africa and Asia. Now in the West oils and seeing popularity and oil based beauty products are taking off. Other good oils that have both inner and outer use are oils such as the virgin coconut oil and avocado oil. All these oils help improve skin the elasticity and condition

When buying oils purchase the best pure Argan oil, that is unrefined and cold pressed and preferably organic as this will help retain the oils qualities. The rejuvenating effect of Argan oil is inestimable, the skin smoother and youthful. Coconut hair oil also can be used for conditioning the hair and the skin. Natural remedies are seeing a big demand as they cost much less than expensive creams and produce better results too.

A good tip on using oils is to use them as a night oil to keep your skin hydrated and benefit the nourishing oil for the entire night.

Fushi believes that the body shouldn’t be overexposed to chemicals and unnatural elements and uses natural and organic ingredients wherever possible. Fushi supports Fair Trade, only buying products from suppliers that do not exploit indigenous populations around the globe. Fushi is a Member if the Ethical Company Organisation and the Good Shopping Guide. Many products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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