Picking baby names is the task of parents, it involves a decision of a lifetime as your baby will have a name as his/her identity throughout the life. Baby names studies show that parents are generally looking for unique baby names for their new born babies. These days in general people are following the trend in baby names as well along with fashion or accessories, parents choose unique baby name no matter whatever the origin is.
Italian baby names are setting up the trend nowadays; most of the Italian names are derived from Latin baby names. While choosing an Italian baby name, keep in mind that Italians celebrate both the child's actual birthday and her name-day, or "onomastico." Since a large majority of Italian baby names are descended from the name of a saint, there is typically a day on the calendar earmarked to celebrate that saint, and by extension, anyone carrying that name. Italian baby girls can even look forward to getting presents on their name-day!

The most popular Italian baby girl names

Adriana: A form of the Latin name "Adrienne," Adriana means "dark" or "rich." The name also refers to a province in Northern Italy, home of the beautiful Church of Santa Maria Assunta della Tomba. Recently celebrities sharing this name include model Adriana Lima, and in the fictional realm, Drea de Matteo's lovely but doomed "Sopranos" character Adriana La Cerva.

Angela: This is a very popular name across the world, especially when you count its many variations (Angelica, Angeline, and about 40 others.) In its original form, Angela derives from Greek origins, and means "messenger" or "messenger of God". Of course she'll be your angel from heaven, and she'll share good company with a wide range of stars of screen including Angelina Jolie, Angie Harmon and Angie Dickinson.

Rosa: We'll give you one guesses what beautiful flower this Latin-derived Italian baby girl name descends from. Yes, it's the rose! As with Angela, there are many variations of this Italian baby girl name available, Rose being the English version, and Charo, Rosabel, Rosalie and many others preferred in different cultures.

Anna: The second most popular Italian baby girl name is a Latin variation of "Hannah." The name originated from the bible in the form of a devout woman who saw the infant Jesus presented at the temple in Jerusalem. If names are any indication of future success, your daughter could be a famous ballerina (Anna Pavlova) or tennis player (the lovely and talented Anna Kournikova.) As with most of these Italian baby names, there are tons of variations: Ann, Annamarie, Annika and many others.

Maria: The most popular Italian baby girl name is another Latin name, Maria means "star of the sea." This popular name has taken many forms across the world; with Mary proving the most popular English form and Marie ruling French culture. The ballad "Maria" from the popular musical "West Side Story" gave this name a huge boost a few generations back and it continues to reveal new popular variations, such as pop singer Mariah Carey.

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